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1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009- The Breezeblock - это экспериментальное радио-шоу Mary Anne Hobbs на BBC Radio 1 (UK). Транслируется с 1997 года.
С середины 2006 года оно так и называется Mary Anne Hobbs radio 1's experimental show.-2000 год
Общее время звучания: 31:39:29
2000-01-24 - Superdense Child - Showcase Set (320 kbps, 00:55:30)
2000-01-31 - Dan Automator (Handsome Boy Modelling School) - Showcase Set (192 kbps, 00:31:31)

2000-02-14 - League Of Gentlemen - Mix (192 kbps, 00:44:13)

1. Interview: "As it's Valentine's day..."
2. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Toot Sweets (MGM)
3. Interview: "A very big house with 100 women in it"
4. Gert Wilden & Orchestra - Die Dressiere Fran (Title Theme) (Crippled Dick Hot Wax)
5. Interview: "It's quite frightening..."
6. The Wicker Man - Maypole Song (Trunk)
7. Interview: "What IS that butcher selling?"
8. Rudolph Rocker (aka Crème Brulee) - Voodoo Lady (White Label)
9. Interview
10. The Divine Comedy - The Certainty Of Chance (Setante)
11. Asian Dub Foundation - Real Great Britain

2000-02-21 - Huw Owen - Showcase Set (VBR 293 kbps, 00:28:08)

Joel H - Late Night (Dubplate)
LTJ Bukem - Viewpoint (Good Looking)
Blackalicious - Deception (Krust Mix) (Mo’Wax)
Moving Fusion - Fishtank (Ram)
Future Cut - Unknown (Renegade Hardware)
Suv - Closer (Ray Keith Remix) (V)

2000-03-06 - Dirty Beatniks - Headline Set (128 kbps, 01:02:11)

Parliment - Prelude (Casablanca)
Maddkatt Courtship III - Where Is Your Past (ffrr)
DV8 - The Beat Is Over (Stricly Rhthym)
Derrick L. Carter - Boompty Boomp Theme (Classic)
Breakdown - First Of All (Peast Feast Industries)
Pepe Bradock & The Grand Brule's Choir - The Right Way (-)
United Tastes Of Deelat - Wet Indiez (Crydamore)
Freeloader - Autobreakdown (Attaboy Remix) (Toko 20)
Medicine - Escape From Agga (Next Century)
Pump DJ's - Electric Disco (Finger Lickin')
Junior Cartier - Women Beat Their Men (Nu Camp)
Azzido Da Bass - Doom's Night (Timo Maas Mix) (Edel)
Dirty Beatniks - Curled Up In A Bassbin (White Label)
Outkast - Da Art Of Story Tellin' Part 2 (La Face)
Coldcut - Crash The System (Ninja Tune)

2000-03-20 - LTJ Bukem - Headline Set (192 kbps, 00:59:58)

LTJ Bukem - Watercolours (Good Looking)
LTJ Bukem - Suspended Space (Good Looking)
Big Bud - Indian Summer (Good Looking)
LTJ Bukem - Close To The Source (Good Looking)
Intersperse - Equanimity (Good Looking)
Intense - The Genesis Project (Rugged Vinyl)
Cascade - Mysteries (Good Looking)
Makoto - Blackberry Jam (Good Looking)

2000-03-27 - Kid Koala - Showcase Set (160 kbps, 00:23:20)

1 - Unknown - Unknown (-)
2 - Unknown - Unknown (-)
3 - Kid Koala - Emperorґs Main Course (Ninja Tune)
4 - Unknown - Unknown (-)
5 - Ennio Morricone - Al Capone (-)
6 - A Tribe Called Quest - Mr. Incognito (Jive)
7 - DJ Food - The Living Beats (Ninja Tune)
8 - Beastie Boys - Shake Your Rump (Instrumental) (-)
9 - Wonder Woman vs. The War God - Unknown (White Label)
10 - Monty Python - The Holy Grail (Charisma)
11 - Mr. Dibbs - Unknown (White Label)
12 - Thompson Twins - Don't Mess With Mr. Dream (Arista)
13 - Genesis - Land Of Confusion (Charisma)
14 - Paris - The Devil Made Me Do It (Tommy Boy)
15 - Amon Tobin - Nature Land (Ninja Tune)
16 - Unknown - Jessica Rabbit Routine (-)

2000-04-10 - DJ Food - Showcase Set (128 kbps, 00:34:09)

The Madison Ave. Werewolf - Cocktails For Two (Capital)
DJ Food - Nocturne (Ninja Tune)
Dudley Moore - Millionare (Cube)
Two Banks Of Four - Skyline's Over Rooftops (Straight Away)
DJ Food - Break (Ninja Tune)
Grey Flecknor Quintet - Chilled Changes (White Label)
The Third Wave - Eleanor Rigby (Crippled Dick Hot Wax)
DJ Food - Sky At Night (Ninja Tune)
The Beach Boys - Our Prayer (Brother)
Jhelisha - Friendly Pressure (Dorado Recordings)
DJ Food - Minitoka (Ninja Tune)
Bent - Invisible Pedestrian (White Label)
2000-04-24 - Darren Emerson - Headline Set (160 kbps, 00:49:20)

2000-05-01 - Lemon Jelly - Headline Set (128 kbps, 00:59:32), Fat City - Showcase Set (192 kbps, 00:30:12)

Lemon Jelly
Andy Statman - Flatbush Waltz (Rounder)
Grand Wizard Theodore & The Fantastic 5 - Can I Get A Soul Clap (Disco Wax)
NT - Positive-ism (Underdog Remix) (NT)
James Bond - Welcome (Bond)
James Last - Feel Alright (Polydor)
The Cadets - Love Bandit (Oldies)
Tsunami One - Number 43 With Steamed Rice Please (Kickin/Fuel)
Kiki Dee Band - I've Got The Music In Me (Rocket)
Sesame Street Original Cast - Number Five (Columbia)
Freddie Fresh - C'Mon (Eye Q)
Shirley Ellis - The Name Game (Congress)
The Lone Ranger - It's Yours (Walis)
Lemon Jelly - The Staunton Lick (Impotent Fury)
Badfinger - Come And Get It (Apple)
John Barry Seven & Orchestra - Cutty Sark (Columbia)
Bernard Cribbins - My Resistance Is Low (EMI)
Donald Fagen - The New Frontier (MCA)
Lyndon David Hall - Forgive Me (Artful Dodger Remix)
Octave One - Point Blank (430 West)
Busta Rhymes - Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See (Elektra)
Lemon Jelly - Page One (Impotent Fury)
Ambassadors Of Funk feat. MC Mario - Super Mario Land (Living Beat)
Cutty Ranks - The Stepper (Fashion)
A.D.O.R. - Let It All Hang Out (Uppercut)
Martin - Tipper Gore (Under 5's)
The Presidents Of The United States Of America - Peaches (Columbia)
Frank Sinatra - Vegas Monologue (Capitol)
Sammy Davis Jr. - I Want To Be You With You (Reprise)
Lemon Jelly - His Majesty King Raam (Remix feat. MC Reba) (Impotent Fury)
Electronic - Get The Message (Factory)

2000-05-22 - Up, Bustle & Out - Showcase Set (192 kbps, 00:30:00)

Up, Bustle & Out - Rebel Satellite (Ninja Tune)
Up, Bustle & Out - Y Ahora-Tu (Ninja Tune)
Niagara - Sangandongo (Mr Bongo)
Up, Bustle & Out - The Hand Of Contraband (Ninja Tune)
James Brown - Mind Power (Polydor)
Up, Bustle & Out - Hip Hop Barrio (Ninja Tune)
Run DMC - Peter Piper (London Recordings)
Up, Bustle & Out - Emerald Alley (Mahorani's Reflection Mix) (Ninja Tune)
Bobby Vince Pavnetto - Little Rico's Theme (Soul Jazz)
Richard Egues with Up, Bustle & Out - Descarga Con Cate (Ninja Tune)
Up, Bustle & Out - Made In Cuba, 1 (Ninja Tune)

2000-05-29 - Gavin Hardkiss - Headline Set (160 kbps, 01:00:23)

Hawke - Now We Know (Lovesky Remix) (Sunburn)
Midnight Creepers - Muneca (Ascension)
Romatt Project - Passions (Spanish Vibe Mix) (Nitegrooves)
Mexico City - C'mon Feel The Noise (White Label)
The Undisputed Truth - Ball Of Confusion (Gordy Records)
Tim "Love" Lee - Zilla (360)
The Might Bop - Le Voyage (Reedit Mix) (Yellow Stereo)
Almeioinha Do Ez Gringo - Chorando Sim (Rythmix)
Rebel Crew - And Now (White Label)
Jerome Pacman - Braz Iu (Rhythmix)
Hell - Copa (V2)
Pop Rocks - High Purple Jelly (VKN)
The Future Sound Of London - Expander (Jumpin & Pumpin)
Kid Loco - Relaxin With Cherry (Arista)
Alan Shacklock - The Mexican (SBR)

2000-06-05 - Amon Tobin - Showcase Set (192 kbps, 00:30:30), Elastica - Interview & Records (192 kbps, 01:07:02)

Amon Tobin - Showcase Set
Amon Tobin - Get Your Snack On (Ninja Tune)
Cinemati Orchestra - Ode To Big Sea (Ninja Tune)
Herbalizer - Sensual Woman (Ninja Tune)
Saul Williams - Twice The First Time (Big Da Da)
Departure - Cabadee Boy (N-Tone)
Squarepusher - Tried By 12 Remix (Big Da Da)
Journeyman - Rusty Beats (N-Tone)
Amon Tobin - Precursor (Ninja Tune)
Kid Koala - Tricks n Treat (Ninja Tune)
Funki Porcini - White Slave (Ninja Tune)
Amon Tobin - Natureland (Ninja Tune)
Elastica - Interview & Records
The Fall - I'm Frank (Phonogram)
Faust - The Sad Skinhead (Virgin)
Le Tigre - Deceptacon (Wiiija)
Lil Kim featuring Jay Z - Big Momma Thang (Undeas Recordings)
Blonde Redhead - In Particular (Touch & Go)
Silver Jews - Federal Dust (Domino)
Tricky - Blacksteel (Island)
ESG - Moody (Pow Wow)

2000-06-26 - The Creators - Headline Set (VBR 170 kbps, 01:03:42)

The Creators - Watch Us Touch (Bad Magic)
Das Fx - Jussemen (East West)
Showbiz & AG - Soul Clap (London)
Intelligent Hoodlem - Trag Invasion (A&M)
Main Source - Peace Is Not The Word To Play (Wild Pitch)
Wild Style - Down By Law (Bongolia)
MC Shan - The Bridge (Bridge)
Cold Crush Brothers - Fresh, Wild, Fly & Bold (Profile)
Davy DMX - One For the Treble (Tuff City)
TJ Swann - Are You Ready (Express)
Jalil - Ready To Rock (Charly)
Pieces Of A Dream - Me Airy Groove (Elektra)
Lovebug Starski - Positive Life (Tayster)
London Beats - Vol. 1 (White Label)
The O'Jays - Give The People What They Want (Philadephia International)
Music De Wolf - Challenger (Music De Wolf)
Music De Wolf - Big Bea' (Music De Wolf)
Young Holt Unlimited - Pumpin On Young Street (Atlantic)
Ronnie Geez - Raptivity (Reflection)
The Creators - Hard Margin (Bad Magic)

2000-07-03 - Underdog - Showcase Set (192 kbps, 00:29:13)

Sonovac - I Don't Want Nobody Else But You (Output Flesh Recordings)
Flying Lizards - Money (Virgin)
Jah Wobble - Invaders Of The Heart (lago)
Delta 5 - Mind Your Own Business (Rough Trade)
Bushtetras - Can't Be Funky (Fetish)
James White And The Blacks - Contort Yourself (Ze)
The Slits - Heard It Through The Grapevine (Island)
Playgroup - Make it Happen (Source)
LB - Superbad (KK)
Jay Z - Is That Your Bitch (Rockafella/Def Jam)
Sharivari - A Number Of Names (RFC Pressing)
Der Zyklus - Der Tonimpulstest (Gigalo)
Soft Cell - Memoribilia (Phonogram)
Blackstrobe - Innerstrings (Output Recordings)

2000-07-10 - Krust & Die - Headline (160 kbps, 01:00:51)

Roni Size Reprazent feat. Method Man - Ghetto Celebrity (Talkin' Loud)
Krust - Freak Show (Full Cycle)
Roni Size - Breaks (Full Cycle)
Roni Size - On Point (Full Cycle)
Krust - Jazz Note (Lemon D Remix) (V Recordings)
Roni Size - Answer Back (Full Cycle)
Die - Jitta Bug (Full Cycle)
Reprazent feat Onallee - Untitled (Talkin' Loud)
Scorpio - AAA (Full Cycle)
Kamanchi - Untitled (Full Cycle)
Kamanchi - Right Now (Full Cycle)
Die - Lost Days (Full Cycle)
Krust - Burning (Total Science Remix) (V Recordings)
Krust - Kloakin Device (Full Cycle)
Roni Size/Reprazent - Lucky Pressure (Talkin' Loud)

2000-07-24 - Mekon - Headline Set (192 kbps, 01:01:51)

Mekon - Mr. Sophistication (Wall Of Sound)
Decwrecka - V For Vengeance (Ronin)
Violator - Vivrant Thing (Def Jam)
Kenny Dope Presents The Mad Racket - Supa (Big Beat)
Jungle Brothers - 40 Below Trooper (Warner)
Super Cat - Ghetto Red Hot (Columbia)
Kenny Dope Presents The Pushin - That Gangsta S*** (TNT)
Q Tip - Breathe & Stop (Arista)
Nubian Crackers - Do You Wanna Hear It? (Big Beat)
Kenny Dope - Jump (TNT)
Giamco Productions Presents... - Huh (Eight Ball)
The Sequence vs. Deckwrecka - Simon Says (Castle)
Bombshell - It's My Thing (TNT Mix) (Freeze)
Sugarhill Gang vs. Bronx Dogs - Sugarhill Groove (Castle)
Unknown - Juice Soundtrack (White Label)
Unknown - Rock The House (TD Records Inc)
Bad Boy Orchestra - Just An 808 (Smokin)
Most Wanted - Calm Down (The Fever...Catch It)
Frankie Bones - Shafted Off (Under World)
Neneh Bones - Buffola Beats (ABC Music)
Mekon featuring Roxanne Shante - Whats Going On? (Junior Cartier Remix) (Wall Of Sound)

2000-08-07 - Osymyso - Showcase Set (192 kbps, 00:30:21)

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Rage Hard (The Young Persons Guide To The 12" Mix) (ZTT)
Unknown - Unknown (Acupuncture)
Dr Dre feat. Eminem - Forgot About Dre (Priority/Virgin)
Muddling Through - Live Auspuff
Mr Oizo - Analog Worms Attack (F Communications)
Robbie Williams - Angels (Chrysalis)
Cursorminor - Breasts Again
Photon Wallet - Moving Underground
Stock, Hausen And Walkman - Stripper
Harrold Faltermeyer - Axel F
Daverfish - 2000
Britney Spears - Oops! I Did it Again (Zomba/Jive)
Hexstatic - Vector (Ninja Tune)
Video Kids - Woodpeckers From Space
Snap - The Power
Osymyso - The Not Quite Fool (Sprawl)
Aha - Take On Me
Dr Dre - Still Dre (Instrumental) (Priority/Virgin)
Osymyso - Pat n' Peg (3 Sevens)
Osymyso - Baby Poo (White Label)

2000-08-14 - Cut La Roc - Headline Set (192 kbps, 01:01:52)

DJ Technique - My Definition (Mob)
Plump DJ's - Scram (Finger Lickin)
Rennie Pilgrem - Paranioa (10 Kilo)
Fender Benders - Thinking About You Baby (Drum Attic)
Azzido Da Bass - Dooms Night (Timo Maas Remix) (Edel)
Major Force - The Return Of The Original Art Form (File)
Uberzone vs. Rennie Pilgrem - Black Widow (Original) (TCR)
Underworld - Cowgirl (Futureshock Mix) (JBO)
Plump DJ's - Galaxy 2000 (Finger Lickin)
Cut La Roc - Basshead (Skint)
Xpress 2 - AC/DC (Skint)
Cut La Roc - Freeze (Skint)

2000-08-21 - Hextatic - Showcase Set (128 kbps, 00:29:49)

Hexstatic - Ahead Of Our Time (N Tone)
Chicken Lips - You Need A Medic (Kingsize)
Unsung Heroes - Daily Intake (White Label)
Hexstatic - Robopop (N Tone)
The Micronauts - The Jag (Virgin)
Organic Audio - Always The Sun (Tummy Touch)
Newcleus - Jam On Revenge (Regal)
Organic Audio - This Could Really Happen (Tummy Touch)

2000-08-28 - David Holmes - Headline Set (recorded Live at Notting Hill Carnival) (192 kbps, 00:57:05)

Primal Scream - Shoot Speed, Kill Light (Creation)
Firstborn - Mood Club (Independenta)
Hot Butter - Getting Off (Dynamo)
Ella Fitzgerald - Sunshine Of My Love (Nemperoe Music)
Unknown - Unknown (White Label)
The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Apple)
The Stooges - Down On The Street (Elektra)
Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant (Virgin)
Sandals - We Wanna Live (DSS Mix) (White Label)
Chester Randle's Soul Senders - Soul Brother Testify (Anla)
Shocking Blue - Send Me A Postcard (Klooks Kleek)
Public Enemy - Bring The Noise (Def Jam)
Jujus - The Hand That Rocks (Folkways)
Lalo Schifrin - Kelly's Heroes (White Label)
Marlena Shaw - California Soul (White Label)
Toussaint McCall - Shimmy (Runin)
Beastie Boys - Body Movin (Grand Royal)
The Stooges - Loose (Elektra)
The Byrds - Leavin Here (Eva)
Public Image Ltd - Public Image (Virgin)
Primal Scream - Swastica Eyes (Creation)

2000-09-12 - Two Lone Swordsmen - Headline Set (192 kbps, 00:59:52)

Keith Tucker - Brace Yourself (Electro Cord)
Condition Red - The Safety Is Off (Underground Resistance)
R.A.C. - Nine (Warp)
Transits Of Tone - Battle Zone (Battle Trax)
Dexter - Raad Het Woord (Klakson)
Chromatix - Hyperobtics (Sperlunk)
Heiko Laux - Sense Fiction Part 1 (Kanzlerant)
N.E.M. - See You In Another World (Electrolux)
John Selway - Unearthly (Ultra)
Zeta Reticular - Unknown (Electrix)
6 By 7 - Eat Junk Become Junk (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix) (Mantra)
Two Lone Swordsmen - Brootle (Warp)
Marco Bailey - Unknown (Primate)
Monsters From ID - Spatial Lobe (Signal)

2000-09-18 - Coldcut - Headline Set (128 kbps, 00:59:56)

Sweet - Ballroom Blitz
Coldcut - More Beats 7 Pieces (Monkey Mafia Mix) (Ninja Tune)
St. Etienne featuring Q-Tee - Filthy (Mantra)
General Levy - Mad Znum (ffrr)
Harlem Slang - Supa Cat (Kenny Dope Mix) (White Label)
DJ Food - Dark Blood (Ninja Tune)
Natalie Cole - Nature Boy (Elektra)
Flanger - Angel of Love (N-Tone)

2000-10-02 - Plump DJ's - Headline Set (192 kbps, 1:00:00), Catskills Allstars - Showcase Set (160 kbps, 00:30:21)

PLUMP DJ's - HEADLINE SET - 2nd October 2000
Plump DJ's - I'll Get Ya (Finger Lickin)
Aphradan featuring Jenny Bean - Strut (Ruff City)
DJ Zinc - 138 Track (Phase One)
Frisky featuring Vee - I Like The Way (Plump DJ's Vocal Remix) (Positiva)
Plump DJ's - Fever (Finger Lickin)
DJ Kin & Robloe - Scarface (Dark Dub Mix) (Pulse Recordings)
Belushi - Evolution (Loaded)
Sky Box - The Break (Pierre et Giles Original Mix) (Rosenberg)
Voodoo Dredd vs. Ali G - Voodoo Magic (White Label)
Plump DJ's - Big Groovy Fu**er (Finger Lickin)
Aquasky vs. Masterblaster - Sureshot (Botchit Breaks)
Duncan Forbes & Laurent Webb - My Acid House Mate (Wiggle)
Bushwacka! - The Sound (Oblong)
Oscar Goldman - Thrust 2 (Lee Coombs Remix) (White Label)
Plump DJ's - Scram (Finger Lickin)
Elektronauts - Bumper (Plump DJ's Remix) (Lacerba)
Zero Theory - Mysterious/Beautiful (Catskills)
Zero Theory - Nightshade (Catskills)
Bushy & Professor - Periscope D'amour (Catskills)
The Mexican - Yogurt Mudflap (Catskills)
Bushy & Professor - Don't Mind If I Do (Catskills)
Bushy & Professor - Sqezy Soul (Catskills)
Bushy & Professor - Drop (Catskills)
Pepe Deluxe - Woman In Blue (Bootleg Mix) (White Label)
Tony Hatch - Sounds Of The 70's (White Label)

2000-10-09 - Organic Audio - Headline Set (192 kbps, 01:00:16)

E Klektic - Macarana Madness (Wiseguys Remix) (Wall Of Sound)
Organic Audio - Play To The Music (Tummy Touch)
Chicken Lips - Jerk Chicken (Kingsize)
Organic Audio - Florettas Horns (Tummy Touch)
Mango Man - Cuban Electric (Touchdown)
Unknown - Volume 4 The Big Choke EP (Cluedo)
Wayward Soul - DJ Friendly (X PRess 2 The Deep Way) (PIAS Recordings)
Deadly Avenger - King Titos Gloves (Derrek Carter's Totally Digital Disco Re-make) (Illicit)
Paradox - Jailbreak (House Tip) (Ronin)
Chicken Lips - Do It Proper (Kingsize)
Tutto Matto - Take My Hand (Organic Audio Remix) (Tummy Touch)
Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Running (Intro) (Credence)
Masters At Work - The Nervous Track (Nervous)
Antonio Carlos E Jocafi - Simbarere (Strut)
Ray Mang - Holy Ghost (White Label)
Mantronix - King Of The Beats (Capital)
Organic Audio - Nurega (Tummy Touch)

2000-10-16 - Paper Records - Headline Set (128 kbps, 00:59:01), Klute - Showcase Set (128 kbps, 00:28:55)

Paper Records
Nomad - Unknown (White Label)
MJ Cole - Sincere (Jazzanova Mix) (Talkin Loud)
Maters At Work - The Bounce (MAW)
Unknown - Unknown (White Label)
Lucy Pearl - Don't Mess With My Man (Mood II Swing Hard Dub) (Virgin)
Unknown - Unknown (White Label)
Circulation -White (Circulation)
DJ Pierre - Wet Dreams (X-Press 2 Mix) (Nu-Camp)
Blakkat vs. Filter Flow - Calculus (Shaboom)
Those Norwegians - Cacau (Paper Recordings)
Shaboom - Totally (Last Days Of The Meccadub) (Atlantic)
Troughman - Shades Of Green (Shaboom)
Klute - Autokarma (Certificate 18)
Krust - Jazz Note (V)
Klute - TDCC (Certificate 18)
Klute - Double Dealer (Certificate 18)
Digital - Trauma (Timeless)
Digital - Highway (Phantom Audio)
Klute - Moving Finger (Certificate 18)
Klute - Khano (Certificate 18)

2000-10-24 - Midfield General, Albino Priest (Phil from Lo Fidelity Allstars), Andy Smith - Live at Club Ifor Bach, Cardiff (VBR V0, 128 kbps, 03:46:32)

Tom Jones - It's Not Unusual
Lo-fidelity Allstars - Voodoo House
Big Scoob - Kryptonite
Pepe Deluxe - Call Me Goldfinger
Beck - Hollywood Freaks
Albino Priest / aka Phil from the Lo-fis DJ set:
Lo Fidelity Allstars - Battleflag (Skint)
Jungle Brothers - U Make Me Sweat (WEA)
Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Most Wanted (Credence/Vulture)
KRS One vs. Freq Nasty - Sound Of Da Police (Freq Nasty's Breakbeat Bacon Mix) (Jive)
DJ Ziggy - Creep Show (John Staglianos Booty Show Mix) (Blue Juice)
Junior Sanchez - I'm Kumming (Cube)
Plump DJ's - Electric Disco (Fingerlickin)
Danielsan - Bohannon (Under 5's)
Sound Of The Future - The Lighter (Shq Music)
Fatboy Slim - Star 69 (Skint)
Paul Jacobs - Soul Grabber 2 (Loaded)
Lo Fidelity Allstars - Lo Fi's In Ibiza (Skint)
DJ Zinc - 138 Trek (Phase One)
Plump DJ's - The Rush (Finger Lickin')
Dr. Bone - Disco Disney (Skint)
Rec Rangers - Toot Toot Beep Beep (Si Begg Mix) (Skint)
Leftfield - Storm 3000 (Hard Hands)
Plump DJ's - Scram (Finger Lickin')
Lo Fidelity Allstars - Voodoo House (Skint)
Public Enemy Number One - Brothers Gonna work it out
Aphex Twin - Windowlicker
Mekon - What's Going On? (Junior Cartier Remix)
Midfield General Mix:
Say my name - boot
Roland Clark - I Get Deep
Leftfield - Phat Planet
Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction
No Diggity - boot
Prisoners of Technology - Breakdance [end of mp3 track 4/start of track 5]
Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It?
Daft Punk - One More Time
Laurent Garnier - The Man With the Red Face
Chemical Brothers - Under The Influence
The Regular Fries - Fused (Jagz Kooner Mix)
Deadly Avenger - King Tito's Gloves (Derrick Carter Mix)
Adam F - Brand New Funk
Beastie Boys - Root Down
Andy Smith Mix:
Davy D - Oh Girl (Def Jam)
Cypress Hill - Insane In The Membrain (Ruff House)
Redman - I'm 4 Sum Asksion (Rush)
Sugarhill Gang - 8th Wonder (Sugarhill)
Spoonie G & the Treacherous - Love Rap (Enjoy)
45 King - The 900 Number (Dockor Beat)
The Whooliganz - Put your Hands Up (Positiva)
Kool & The Gang - Jungle Boogie (De-Lite)
James Brown - Good Foot (Polydor)
The Mohawks - Give Me Some (Supreme)
Kool & The Gang - Let The Music Take Your Mind (De-Lite)
Crooklyn Clan - Crowd Motivator (AV8)
House Of Pain - Jump (XL Recordings)
Tom Jones - Hold On, I'm Coming (Decca)
The Superfreaks - 1990 Breakdown (Apeman)
Hiroshi & Kudo featuring DJ Milo - The Return Of The Original Artform (Major Force)
Mex.Nadabrahma - Nababrahma (Bluejuice)
Unknown - What's Going Off? (White Label)
Dynamo Productions - Busta Beats (Illicit Recordings)
Keb Darge - Funk Spectrum (BBE)
Jerry O - Soul Sister (White Wale)
Rolling Stones - Get Offa My Cloud (Decca)
The Winstens - Amen, Brother (Metromedia)

2000-10-30 - Laurent Garnier - Headline Set (320 kbps, 01:04:40)

Second Hand Satellite - Orbit (Hallucination)
Get Fucked - Wet Dream (Schwestaub) (Sender)
Bershima - Unknown (Muller)
Jel Ford - At Last (Jericho)
DJ Speep - Cafe Creme (Ozone)
DJ Garth & ETI - 20" Of Disco Glory (Greyhound)
Simon - Free At Last (Future Dreams)
Madkatt Courtship - My Fellow Boppers (FFRR)
Phortune - String Free (Hotmix 5)
Trevor Rockcliffe - Sound Called House (Montor)
Jonzon - Hypnotized (International Deejay Gigolo)
Kenny K Collins - Beat My House (Rockin House)
A Guy Called Gerald - Humanity (Studio K7)
Antonio - Happy, Curious & Free (Tribal Winds)

2000-11-06 - Chris Morris - Exclusive (192 kbps, 00:19:10), Richie Hawtin and John Aquaviva - Headline Set

Chris Morris
David Holmes - Live From The Peppermint Store (Go Beat)
The Rolling Stones - Can't You Hear Me Knocking (Rolling Stone)
Up, Bustle and Out - Los Locos Cubanos (Snowboy Mix) (Ninja Tune)
Aimee Mann - Wise Up (Reprise)
Fridge - Cut Up Piano (Universal)
Amon Tobin feat. Chris Morris - Bad Sex (Ninja Tune)
Beck - Motherfucker (Geffen)
Richie Hawtin and John Aquaviva
Process - Desmans (Traum)
NATO - Muzik Box (4th Floor)
Diminishing Returns - Dean De Casta (Masaic)
Markus Schulz pres. Himmel - Celebrate Life (Plastik)
Michael Langlois - Tiefseepicknic' (Raum... Music)
The Horroist - One Night In New York City (CLRNYC)
Los Amigos Invisibles - Amor (Amigo Samba Dub) (Giant Step)
Unknown - Unknown (Blue Recordings)
At Jazz - Bless The Funk (Sense)
Dennis Costello - Unknown (Minimum)
Cherry Bomb - Bursting Out (Music Man)
Unknown - Unknown (RILIS)
Unknown - Unknown (RILIS)
Unknown - Unknown (RILIS)
Didier Sinclar - Rush Hour (Serial Recordings)
Steve Bug - At The Front (Poker Flat)

2000-12-04 - DJ Shadow & Quannum - Headline Set (192 kbps, 00:29:38)

DJ Shadow and Chief Xcel - Intro (Mo'Wax)
Blackalicious - Lyric Fathom (Intro)
Blackalicious - May I (If I May Remix)
Quannum feat. Lyrics Born and the Poets of Rhythm - I Changed My Mind (DJ Spinna Mix) (Mo'Wax)
DJ Shadow - Entropy (Mo'Wax)
DJ Shadow and Divine Styler - Divine Intervention (Mo'Wax)
DJ Shadow - Entropy (Mo'Wax)
Latyrx - Latyrx
Blackalicious - Clockwork
Blackalicious - A2G
Asia Born - Send Them
Blackalicious - Rhymes For The Deaf Dumb And Blind
Blackalicious - Lyric Fathom
Chief Xcel feat. Gift Of Gab and Lateef - Fully Charged On Planet X (Mo'Wax)
Lateef - The Quickening
Latyrx - Bumpin’ Contraption
Latyrx - Aim For The Flickering Flame
Latyrx - Say That
Lyrics Born - I Changed My Mind
DJ Shadow - Hardcore (Insrumental) Hip-Hop (Mo'Wax)
Joyo Velarde - People Like Me

2000-12-11 - Radiohead - Headline Set (192 kbps, 01:29:19)

Louise Armstrong - St. James Infirmary (International)
Jega - Rigid Body Dynamics (Planet Mu)
Anti-Pop Consortium - Rinseflow (75 Ark)
The Fall - The Birmingham School Of Business School (Fontana)
Kraftwerek - Expo 2000 (EMI)
Kid Koala - Like Irregular Chickens (Ninja Tune)
Serge Silberman - Theme De L'Americain (Somethin' Else)
Grain - Untitled (Fat Cat)
Betty Davis - F.U.N.K. (Island)
Sonic Youth - Tunic (Song For Karen) (David Geffen Company)
The Santa Claus Orchestra - Silent Night (Polydor)
Terra Thaemlitz - Selling (Soon I Will Be Free) (Bottrop)
Cannonball Adderley Quintet - Hummin (Capitol)
Christoph De Babalon - On THe Block (Meet Him) (Fat Cat)
Jurassic 5 - Concrete Schoolyard (Interscope)
Pixies - Bone Machine (4AD)
Kool Keith - Extravagent Traveller (Threshold Recordings)
Mantronix - Who Is He (Warlock)
Duke Ellington - Come Sunday (Phillips Realities)
Faust - Tapes (White Label)
Hugh Le Caine - Sackbut String Quartet (National Library Of Canada)
Lali Puna - Rapariga Da Banheira (Hausmusik)
Autechre - Play (Warp)
Art Ensemble Of Chicago - Les Stances A Sophia (Universal)
Gabor Szabo - Walking On Nails (Impulse)
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