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-Tooth and Tail- Дата выхода: 12 сентября, 2017
Жанр: Стратегия, Экшн, Фэнтези
Разработчик: Pocketwatch Games
Издатель: Pocketwatch Games
Платформа: Windows
Версия: + 1 DLC
Тип издания: Лицензия
Релиз: GOG
Язык интерфейса: китайский, английский, корейский
Язык озвучки: английский
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Системные требования:
✔ ОС: Windows 7 or later
✔ Процессор: 2 GHz Processor
✔ Оперативная память: 2 GB ОЗУ
✔ Видеокарта: Intel HD 3000
✔ DirectX: Версии 11
✔ Место на диске: 2 GB
Встаньте во главе революции с армией состоящей из кабанов-огнеметчиков, непереносимых cкунcов и плюющихся сов. От создателей Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine, Tooth and Tail - это стратегия в режиме реального времени с участием одного или нескольких игроков, split-screen режима, соревновательного режима, режима повтора, и многих других режимов игры.
Постройте базу, создайте свою армию, поедайте своих врагов!
Tooth And Tail - Cinematic Trailer
Наличие/отсутствие рекламы: Нет

Особенности игры

■ Мясная война
Longcoats, Commonfolk, KSR и Civilized группировки которые сражаются за еду, но и могут стать едой. Тёмная юмористическая история о беспорядках и революции рассказанная в рамках обширной одиночной кампании.
Бесконечный режим
Это постоянно генерируемая карта с настраиваемыми функциями, не будет ни одной одинаковой игры, заставляя игроков разрабатывать новые стратегии каждую игру, а не запоминать их.
Бери и играй
С матчами длительностью от 5-12 минут, элементы управления специально разработанные для контроллера или мыши с клавиатуры, split-screen для диванного гейминга, Tooth and Tail - это стратегия для ветеранов и новичков.

Информация о DLC - Tooth and Tail - Official Soundtrack

Over an hour of music, including bonus tracks by:
● Eli Bishop
● Hyperduck Soundworks
● Darren Korb
● John Robert Matz
● Kristin Naigus
● Salome Scheidegger
Liner Notes
Austin: "We want to make a game about war, but we want to make it fun. What were some fun wars?"
Andy: "World War One was fun. So was the Russian Revolution. Super fun."
Austin: "True, true. And so is starvation. And cannibalism. Really goofy stuff."
Andy: "So our game is all about building tension before short explosive bursts of action… maybe we should use tangos and latin dance music as the basis for things? Real Time Strategy is essentially ballroom dancing."
Austin: "Yeah, and we can play it all using early 20th century Russian instruments. That makes sense."
Andy: "Except our game is wild and raucous, so let's play the instruments drunkenly."
Austin: "Will do."
That is how this album came to be. Enjoy.

Track Listing

1. The Food of Beasts
2. Hopper, Flagbearer for the Commonfolk
3. Bellafide, Firebrand of the Longcoats
4. The Quartermaster of the KSR
5. Archimedes, Left Hand of the Civilized
6. The Old South Distillery
7. Hollow in the Gut
8. Hyperduck Soundworks: Who Becomes the Meat?
9. The Hungry face a stiff wind
10. Kristin Naigus: Bellafide’s Tarantella
11. Fuel of the Firebrand
12. Snikaree Liberation
13. John Robert Matz: Waltz of the KSR
14. Black Sledge Uprising
15. Bonepit Exile
16. The Siege of Ragfall Road
17. Eli Bishop: Archimedes’ Tango
18. The War for Meat
19. Salome Scheidegger: The Ivories of Beasts
20. Swine, Inscribed
21. To the Ends
22. Darren Korb: Anthem of the Commonfolk
23. Victors will Feast

Порядок установки

■ Запустить setup_tooth_and_tail_1.1.1.6_(18142).exe и установить игру.
■ Установить патч patch_tooth_and_tail_1.1.1.6_(18142)_to_1.1.2.1_(18235).exe
■ Установить патч patch_tooth_and_tail_1.1.2.1_(18235)_to_1.
■ Установить патч patch_tooth_and_tail_1.
■ Установить патч patch_tooth_and_tail_1.1.2.5_(18432)_to_1.1.2.6_(18621).exe
■ Играть.


Список изменений

  • Changelog for Hotfix (added 05 February 2018):
    * A quick hotfix for all yout Midweek Madness customers. The game was being a bit of a hog with VRAM, which was producing some of the Black Screen, White Screen, and "SharpDX" errors on lower spec machines. I've reduced the Graphics Memory footprint when playing in Medium and Low Graphics Quality settings.
    * Don't forget, you may also improve VRAM usage by disabling the cinematic under Graphics Options.
    * I also replaced the Galaxy libraries to fix a crash upon leaving a lobby.
    * Annnd, if you fail to join a lobby, it won't try to join that lobby again until you leave the Ranked screen. So for those instances where you kept trying to play ranked and it kept failing out, this problem should be fixed.
  • Changelog for Patch 1.1.2 (added 05 February 2018):
    Balance Changes
    * Snake - HP 27 (from 35). Can now poison structures again. Ever since we removed structure tagging, snakes have felt very flat. And since structure play is now much more viable, there needed to be more options for dealing with things like MG Turrets, Balloons, and Artillery.
    * Artillery - Cost 180 (from 120), Build time 30 seconds (from 20), HP 50 (from 45). The Tier 2 Artillery was stupidly strong, and was even unbeatable in rush scenarios. Unfortunately, bumping it to the Tier 3 timing, which is now 50 seconds), meant that I suspect the unit would never get used. So I broke down and made an exception to the strict timing consistency that I've maintained for other units. It feels pretty good now, and I think will still get used quite often.
  • Changelog for Patch 1.1.3 (added 18 January 2018):
    A little hotfix for y'all that makes a more appropriate statline for the Tier 2 Drumfire Cannon. There's also a significant Mole nerf and some fixes for the new crossplay code. Yay!
    Balance Changes
    * Mole - Dmg 2 + structure crit (was 4 + crit), HP 25 (was 15). High level players have essentially stopped using Mole because it's nigh unbeatable, so we've nerfed its statline again. Mr. Mole will still get a significant redesign at some point, while hopefully retaining his character.
    * Fox - Cast time and Post-shot Root time changed from 0.3/0.3 seconds to 0.2/0.4 seconds. The fox still is rooted for 0.6 seconds but has a shorter cast time to make the animation look right.
    * Artillery - HP 60 (was 45). 10 Dmg per shot with random 1 tile scatter to shots - NO AOE (was 6 + 1 AOE). Fires 4 times in 1 second, takes 1 second cooldown. (was firing 3 times in a second with 2 second cooldown). This is more fitting with the t2 pricing/timing while still accomplishing the feeling of an anti-t1 AOE.
    Bug Fixes
    * Galaxy/Steam crossplay crashing issues fixed, works correctly on Windows 7.
  • 17-Фев-18 Торрент перезалит! Игра обновлена до актуальной версии.
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