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Kryptic Samples - Super Producer: Escape From Zombiville (WAV, MIDI)

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Super Producer: Escape From Zombiville

Издатель: Kryptic Samples-Сайт:Формат: WAV, MIDI
Качество: 24 bit | 48.0 kHz | stereo-Описание
Super Producer - Escape From Zombiville это третий релиз в этой удивительной серии, который черпает вдохновение в классических 8-битных играх, и сочетает все это с любовью к большому басу и мощным битам. Внутри вы найдете 5 комплектов с электронными меланхоличными, и в тоже время забавными звуками.


• 5 Construction Kits
• 5 MIDI Files Included
• 24-Bit/48kHz Quality
• Tempo Labelled

Дополнительная информация

'Super Producer: Escape From Zombiville' is the third and final release of this stunning collection which takes influence from a childhood spent 8-Bit gaming and pairs it with a love of big bass sounds and banging beats. This genre-defying release from Kryptic Samples is electronic and upfront, at times melancholic, but always banging.
This pack features five ground-breaking Construction Kits showcasing a more synthesized, electronic and fun sound. MIDI files are included to give you full control over each loop and samples to be edited, chopped, sliced, stretched and pitched to create your very own hot musical production.
Looking for instant inspiration and High quality modern audio, blazing and unique sounds gathered in One incredible pack? If so then 'Super Producer: Escape From Zombiville' is undoubtedly for you.
MIDI Files Included:
Like all other Kryptic products, 'Super Producer: Escape From Zombiville' includes MIDI files for the musical phrases heard in the demo. Use the MIDI files in your favourite DAW to customise the sounds to your liking.
Advantages of MIDI:
MIDI files supplied in this pack are flexible and powerful allowing you to assign any of the musical phrases to your favourite synth or sampler and is only instructional data, so you can change the pitch and tempo beyond which the loops were originally recorded to any extent you like, with no artefacts.
Dry/Wet Loops:
The wet files contain all of the effects processing heard in the audio demos. But for producers looking to create their own effects mix, dry loops are also included so you can add your own effects.
Tempos are included and all loops are Royalty-Free. For more details, please carefully read the license agreement provided in every Kryptic Samples product.
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