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(Electronic, Space Ambient) Divine Matrix - Дискография 5 Релизов (2011-2015), MP3, 256-320 kbps (CBR)

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Divine MatrixДИСКОГРАФИЯ5 Релизов =||Жанр:Electronic, Space Ambient || Год выпуска дисков:2011-2015 || Страна:USA ||
||Аудио кодек:MP3 || Тип рипа:tracks || Битрейт аудио:256-320 kbps, CBR || Продолжительность:5:44:53 || Источник:Web ||=

2011-Invisible Landscapes (1:04:46) (256 kbps)

1.Faith in Chaos (5:28)
2.Invisible Landscapes (4:19)
3.Fractured Sound (4:48)
4.The Crystal Womb (5:15)
5.Orna's Prayer (4:54)
6.Stargazer (4:28)
7.Occam's Razor (5:14)
8.The Fade (4:48)
9.Space Walk (4:03)
10.Whistle the Moon (5:09)
11.Song for Vega (5:54)
12.Skyrapper (5:23)
13.Terraforming (5:03)-Label: AD Music
Catalog#: AD87CD
The first album from Divine Matrix. Nominated for best album at the 2012 schallwelle music awards

2012-Atmospheric Variations (1:15:44) (320 kbps)

1.1000 Light Years (8:08)
2.Jigokudani Springs (6:15)
3.Magnetic Disturbances (4:07)
4.Marine Forecast (6:55)
5.Strato Volcano (7:19)
6.Weather Satelite (7:15)
7.After the Storm (7:10)
8.Atmospheric Variations (7:45)
9.Aurora Borealis (5:53)
10.Birth of a Cyclone (8:36)
11.Cloud Formations (6:21)-Label: AD Music
Catalog#: AD105CD
Very atmospheric release with a really warm analogue sound

2012-Music for Space Travel (1:06:17) (320 kbps)

1.Fire of Lo (8:04)
2.Goodbye Planet Earth (6:02)
3.Olympus Mons (7:28)
4.Space Junk (6:19)
5.Zero Gravity (9:12)
6.Europa Ice Moons (6:51)
7.Galilean Nights (5:26)
8.Improbability Drive (5:25)
9.Pulsar (5:57)
10.View from a Satelite (5:33)-Label: AD Music

2013-Hydrosphere (1:11:26) (320 kbps)

1.Ocean Bound (6:35)
2.A Different Sea (5:30)
3.Dolphins (5:56)
4.Submarine (6:28)
5.Bermuda Triangle (8:26)
6.Drifting on the Tide (6:50)
7.Over the Reef (4:55)
8.The Diving Bell (5:19)
9.Deep Blue (6:49)
10.Hydrosphere (7:32)
11.Plankton (7:06)-Label: AD Music
Catalog#: AD128CD
Released: 29 Nov 2013

2015-Cloudsurfing - Soundscapes Volume 1 (1:06:40) (320 kbps)

1.Cirrus at Siargao (9:48)
2.Cloud Surfing (8:47)
3.Contrails (9:13)
4.Mammatus (7:11)
5. N.E. Swell (6:52)
6.Nimbostratus (7:25)
7.Ominous Sky (7:38)
8. Riding a Mackeral Sky (9:46)-Label: AD Music
Catalog#: AD149CDr
Released: 25 Sep 2015
‘Cloudsurfing’ is the first in a series of planned ambient excursions from Divine Matrix, whose contemporary electronic works have proved very popular in recent years.
While previous albums have tended to be more rhythmic and sequencer driven, here on ‘Cloudsurfing’, it’s all about slowly evolving textures and gentle, pulse like sequences. The effect is also highly evocative, painting surreal and hypnotic soundscapes with otherworldly overtones. The effect is one of drifting through a strange, alien landscape.

Об исполнителе (eng)

Divine Matrix is a Steve Barnes pseudonym designed to free himself from the confines of any particular genre and allow room to experiment a little with sound and song structure. The music is very much in the contemporary chill out style of electronica, taking in some of Steve's electronic music influences too. Basically, as Steve said himself; "I wanted a project where my creativity could run free. With such an amazing sound palette at our fingertips made available now by all the modern technology, it really is a great time to be an electronic musician"
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Divine Matrix - Goodbye Planet Earth
Divine Matrix - The Crystal Womb
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