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(Звуки природы) Wonderfulsound - Sea Organ - LP Vinyl Album
Тип записи: LP Vinyl Album
Автор и исполнитель: Wonderfulsound
Год: 2016
Формат: MP3
Битрейт: 320 kbps
Общая продолжительность раздачи: 00:38:23
01. Sea Organ
02. Solo
03. Mid Morning With Fishing Boat
04. The Pipes
05. On the Waterfront
06. Giant
07. Stirring and Snoozing
08. Up Close
09. The Conversation
10. Around Midnight
11. Mermaids--Сорокаминутная запись органа моря Задара. Орган создан хорватским архитектором Никола Башичем при реконструкции городской набережной, волны и ветер взаимодействуют с органом через систему полиэтиленовых трубок и резонирующей полости. Подобные конструкции: волновой орган Сан-Франциско, орган прилива Блэкпула, «Поющее звенящее дерево» Пеннинеса.--

Описание (ENG)

“Probably the most self-indulgent yet brilliant release of the year. Live Re-cordings of Zadar’s Sea Organ commited to vinyl, Deeply Adriatic” DJ Moonboots
“Unusual wonderful sound of the sea”
This makes beautiful noises as the sea washes beneath the steps. It is lovely at sunset as long as people are fairly quiet. It was lovely to see many families and especially young children listening close up to the holes. The choppier the waves the louder the sounds. We went swimming at sunset and you can hear it in the sea as well.-A forty minute recording of Zadar`s Sea Organ. A concept that perhaps you might expect from Trunk (Miles and Johnny are firm friends I know, Johnny often guesting on the appropriately titled “Wonderful Sound Libraries” radio show). Designed by Croatian architect Nikola Bašić during the redevelopment of the city coast, waves and wind interact with the organ, a system of polyethylene tubes and a resonating cavity, a structure related to San Francisco`s Wave Organ, Blackpool`s High Tide Organ, and The Pennines` “Singing Ringing Tree.
Four or five tones rise and fall in a breathing rhythm. They talk to and interfere with one another in a discordant chorus, a lyric of work and toil. Many artists attempt to copy the music of the tides but this IS the music of the tides. The volume and pitch of each sound in flux, blowing and whistling against the chatter and play of beach visitors, children and families. The sea`s squeeze box reciting a Goran Bregovic art house movie soundtrack. An aging Sparky The Magic Piano singing a weary lullaby. A wound down carnie imparting a transcendental mantra from Mother Nature. When all proclaim in full voice together they hit a New Age note. A Free-er Jazz, with tempo determined by moon, the spin of our globe, and gravity`s pull. Amidst the breakers the siren`s song does not remain the same.
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