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Издатель: Loop Lounge-Сайт: sounds.beatport.com-Формат: WAV
Качество: 24 bit | 44.1 kHz | stereo-Описание
This collection focuses on the sounds from the sea, both underwater as well as field recordings from the beach.


• 40 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit.

Дополнительная информация

This collection focuses on the sounds from the sea, both underwater as well as field recordings from the beach.
All materials have been processed with digital, as well as analogue effect, resulting in a unique sound with futurist and atmospheric texture.
In addition, we have included samples of the raw material in the collection.
After much experimentation with our raw material, we devised several techniques to build this collection of unique textures and sounds.
This included the incorporation of guitars pedal in the middle of chain of the effects chain, as well as the automation of several delays and reverbs in series.
We have also been mindful in limiting the audio peak of the samples at -6DB and to maintain sufficient clarity in the samples so that the sound spectrum is not
overloaded and the clarity of your production is not compromised.
If you listen carefully to the original material, you will be able to hear the rhythmic breathing of the scuba diver, the melodious sounds of bubbles forming
underwater, the interesting sounds from coral cracking and so much more from the wondrous world below!
Samples from the field recording at the beach include the sounds of the majestic waves crashing onto the beach, as well as seawater flowing over the rocky landscape.
The collection has been organised into 3 folders: Drone (20 sample of 32 sec each), Evolving Soundscape (10 samples of 1mins36sec each), Raw Field Recording (10 samples, 5 of 1min31 sec and 5 of 21sec).
All the samples are in WAVE format at 24Bit/44.1kHz.
Thank you for stopping by to peruse our collection. Loop lounge is a UK based boutique sample library producing royalty free DJ Tools and audio samples.
Working closely with professional musicians, DJs, producers and sound designers, our collections aim to answer the needs of modern artists.
All our samples are 100% royalty-free and ready for use.
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