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(Piano, Ambient, Neoclassical, Post-Rock) Blurry Lights - Дискография 8 релизов (2012-2018), MP3, 320 kbps (CBR)

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Blurry LightsДискография
8 релизов
=||Жанр: Piano, Ambient, Neoclassical, Post-Rock || Год выпуска дисков: 2012-2018 || Страна: Russia ||
||Аудио кодек: MP3 || Тип рипа: tracks || Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps, CBR || Продолжительность: 4:30:16 ||Источник: Web ||=

2012-Timeless /EP/ (12:26)

1.Under the Clouds - An Introduction (1:04)
2.Following the Lights (1:44)
3.Neverending Streets (2:43)
4.City Claustrophobia (1:45)
5.Silent Night in the Park (1:58)
6.The Journey (3:12)-Released 24 October 2012
An improvised EP, recorded in one day. There are mostly ambient on the EP, but piano improvisations are here as well.

2013-Cold Night Before The Dawn /EP/ (15:12)

1.Cold Night Before The Dawn Part 1 (7:12)
2.Cold Night Before The Dawn Part 2 (8:00)-Released 21 January 2013
A special short EP which consists of one two-part song. Very close to dark ambient with minimalistic piano. Inspired by Jónsi & Alex. I'd recommend you to listen to this EP at the nighttime, before your sleep.

2013-Constellations (38:33)

1.First Snow (5:11)
2.Constellations (4:10)
3.Lost In The Subway (4:40)
4.Solitude (1:55)
5.A Beautiful Dream (6:26)
6.So Far Away From You (4:38)
7.Night Covers The Town (8:09)
8.Falling Asleep (3:24)-Released 04 January 2013
The first, debut full-length album. More pianos, more ambient.

2013-Sounds of Emotions (41:31)

1.Let's Fly Away (5:05)
2.Anna (5:55)
3.Another Lonely Night (4:13)
4.I Lost You Again (4:42)
5.Interlude (The Passing) (2:40)
6.New Life, New Chapter (5:48)
7.Time Passes (5:56)
8.When You Say Goodbye (7:12)-Released 12 June 2013
Second album, goes much more into post-rock way, because of guitar in some songs. I tried to make very beautiful and nostalgic melodies here... Very nice to listen in summer nights...

2014-A Romantic Dream (41:54)

1.Coming Home - An Introduction (0:49)
2.We All Die But Not Tonight (4:33)
3.In The Light Of Stars (4:32)
4.Fresh Air (3:32)
5.A Dreamy Night (Interlude) (2:09)
6.Our Destiny (3:56)
7.A Romantic Dream (6:41)
8.If Only I Could See Your Smile (7:02)
9.Our Last Dance (6:35)
10.Orange Autumn (2:05)-Released 04 February 2014
3rd full-length album. A bit less sad but much more romantic. A lot less guitar but more orchestrated. Every song is filled with love and romantic emotions. It's perfect for listening before your sleep, while you are in bed and thinking about your life just relax & listen.

2014-Dreamwaves (42:01)

1.Flowers Field (3:46)
2.Home Sweet Home (8:06)
3.Flying in a Dream (6:48)
4.Dreamwaves (4:49)
5.Sakura Leaves (5:48)
6.We Will Hide Into the Night (6:26)
7.Eternal Love (6:18)-Released 01 July 2014
The idea of this album goes around bright fantasies. The music itself became more epic and more cinematic, also there are other few experiments.

2015-Blurry Lights (45:12)

1.Pretty (5:14)
2.Always on My Mind (4:56)
3.Times Together (3:13)
4.Incompatible Hearts (4:22)
5.Interlude (Waiting) (2:12)
6.Dreaming of You (3:29)
7.Charming Snow (2:41)
8.You Are My Falling Star (4:57)
9.When the Time Stops (4:43)
10.Letting Go (5:07)
11.Always on My Mind (Dystert Sind remix) (4:18)-Released 03 January 2015
Album guest:
02.Always on My Mind: Juleah (vocals)
Self-titled album, where my sound is coming back from an epic side to romantic. I tried to make a balance between 'A Romantic Dream' and 'Dreamwaves' and that's how it turned out. The atmosphere of the album is warm and sweet overall, however mixed with a couple of sad tracks. As always, main theme of the album is love. Each melody is a different story - some people are happy in their relationship, some not and others are just walking through their life alone. The best experience from listening would be, as always, in a time of late night

2018-Our New World (33:27)

1.The Changing of Times - An Introduction (1:17)
2.We All Get Somewhere (3:08)
3.Soulmate (2:58)
4.Our New World (3:05)
5.Sparkling Eyes (2:47)
6.Embrace the Skies (3:41)
7.Sunshine in December (4:33)
8.Strange Dream (2:17)
9.Holidays (4:01)
10.The Frozen Waterfall (2:56)
11.Mountain's Soul (2:44)-Released 01 January 2015
After three years of silence I'm back with one more album. 'Our New World' is carrying a positive message, so it's probably the "brightest" album in the whole BL discography. A good soundtrack for your warm evening as usual.
This one has way more guitars than any of the previous albums, and I also used an actual bass guitar instead of bass synth.
Album guests:
• David Lovejoy (Sorrow Plagues) - guitar solo in 'Sunshine in December'
• Arina Fox (Hiki) - story and speech in 'Mountain's Soul'.
Most of the album was recorded during 2017, however it has some reworked music from 2014-2015.
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Blurry Lights - Constellations
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