Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Ultimate Edition + 3DLC [L] [RUS + ENG / ENG] (2012) (1.94) [GOG]

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- Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Ultimate Edition- ИНФОРМАЦИЯ:-Год выпуска: 2012
Жанр: Стратегия - В реальном времени - Фантастика
Разработчик: Ironclad Games
Издательство: Stardock Entertainment / GOG
Платформа: PC
Версия: 1.94
Тип издания: Лицензия ( GOG )
Язык интерфейса: Русский, английский
Язык озвучки: английский
Таблетка: Не требуется (DRM Free)-CИСТЕМНЫЕ ТРЕБОВАНИЯ :-Windows: Vista SP2 / 7 SP1 / 8 / 10
Processor: 3 GHz Intel Pentium 4 Processor or Equivalent
Memory: 2 GB Available System Memory
Graphics: 256 MB Video Card w/Pixel Shader 3.0 Support (Radeon X1650 / GeForce 6800* or Better)
DirectX 9.0c
5 GB Hard Disk Space
DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card
Mouse, Keyboard.
Борьба за место под солнцем накаляется
Под яркими солнечными лучами ничто не останется незамеченным. И уж точно не сомнительные дела космических держав. Там все как обычно: войны, борьба за власть и неутолимое желание урвать у соседа кусок галактики побольше. В общем, все очень весело, присоединяйтесь. Вас ждут битвы космических масштабов, которым суждено решить судьбу миллионов. Успех будет зависеть от могущества вашего флота и запаса ресурсов. Но, конечно, не стоит забывать о старой доброй дипломатии – выбирайте путь по душе, победителей не судят.
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Ultimate Edition идеально соблюдает баланс между стремительными маневрами стратегий в реальном времени и космической глубиной планирования, знакомого фанатам жанра 4X.
-ОСОБЕННОСТИ ULTIMATE EDITION :-Издание включает в себя оригинальную версию Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion и дополнения Forbidden Worlds, Stellar Phenomena, Outlaw Sectors, которые добавляют в игру новые планеты, невиданные космические аномалии и еще больше драматических событий, от исхода которых будет зависеть судьба многих и многих миров. В издание также входит саундтрек игры, доступный в форматах MP3 и FLAC, который позаботится о создании эпической атмосферы.


Лицензия от GOG,включает в себя все бонусы - саундтрек (FLAC)+ саундтрек (MP3)+постер.
Издание включает в себя дополнения:
1. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion® - Forbidden Worlds;
2. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion® - Stellar Phenomena;
3. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion® - Outlaw Sectors.
Возможность скачать требуемую версию [ENG] или [RUS].


Patch 1.921 (14 August 2018) - ?????????
Patch 1.92 (02 August 2018)
Added General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. When users select the option to play 'Internet Multiplayer' they are presented with a new dialog and the option to accept or decline. Acceptance is now required for 'Internet Multiplayer'.
Added new Privacy Policy buttons.
Fixed two server crash bugs.
Changelog for patch 1.91 / (Windows) (added 27 September 2017):
- Fixed user interface scaling for missions.
- Fixed "Failed to Initialize COM" error.
- Fixed variable tag for some languages.
Patch 1.90 (04 April 2017)
  • Added user interface scaling for 4K and other large resolutions.
  • Large Address Aware (LAA) is now enabled. Warning: if you are using a mod that requires you to apply LAA manually you should no longer do this. Doing so will cause multiplayer desyncs and crashes.
  • Added a new "Extreme" texture setting that takes advantage of newly available memory and optimizations for improved texture rendering and related graphical effects.
  • The old "Highest" texture setting has been renamed to "Higher" to imply there is a new setting beyond it.
  • The new default texture settings are all "Higher" instead of a mix of "High" and "Medium".
  • Renormalized the texture settings to support a wider variety of hardware. For example: "Low" is reduced in fidelity and "Higher" is increased in fidelity.
  • Added a new "Extreme" shadow setting.
  • Improved shadow rendering.
  • Increased the max texture and particle simulation type counts for mods. This will improve performance and memory usage as mods that exceeded the limit were engaging dynamic memory allocation which is slow and fragments memory.
  • Added an adaptive texture memory use system to help constrain large mods from running out of memory (which could occur even with LAA enabled).
  • Fixed FPS stuttering in big battles with certain hardware combinations. Warning: if you previously tried to solve this by converting ogg files to waves you will need to revert back to ogg files.
  • Fixed bug where militia ships were showing up in the supply cost tool tip.
  • Fixed bug where militia ships were being grouped with non-militia ships in the empire window.
  • Fixed bug where you could utilize the starbase max count bonus of a planet you didn't own.
  • Starbases hyperspacing now correctly account for the max starbase count at the target planet.
  • Truce Amongst Rogues no longer has any research prerequisites.
  • Fixed bug where starbase upgrades with values at level zero were not being applied properly (a common problem with mods that placed starbases during the galaxy creation process).
  • Fixed bug where exiting a mod that setup starbases as tradeports as part of the galaxy creation process would crash the game on exit.
  • Minor improvements to Ai selection of unit counters.
  • Fixed bug where Ai could stall on launching an attack.
  • Fixed bug where Ai could build endless Scouts, Anti-Mine or Anti-Structure units.
  • Fixed bug with MadVasari incorrectly using militia ships.
  • Fixed "ANTIMODULE" attack type from behaving like "CanOnlyTargetModules".
  • Fixed bug where units that had missing weapon points (and thus had default ones created for them) wouldn't fire from those weapons after loading from a save game.
  • Fixed weapon and bombing data on the Advent Loyalist Titan, both Advent corvettes, the Vasari Rebel Titan, and the Vasari Nanites. Thanks ZombiesRus5.
  • Fixed various mesh issues with the Advent Rebel Titan. Thanks ZombiesRus5.
  • Fixed texture reference issues with Varari's Orbital Cannon surface impact, Vasari Envoy's Mutual Threat, the blue star's flare and the green star's flare. Thanks ZombiesRus5.
  • Fixed various crashes when enabling/disabling mods in-game. You should no longer need to edit the mod text file to enable/disable mods.
  • Fixed potential crash if a mod was disabled from the options screen but assets from the mod were requested after being disabled.
  • Fixed modding crash that is caused by defining a roleType (e.g. StarbaseConstructor, Colonizer) but not providing the expected ability. While the crash is prevented the abilities should match the roleType or the Ai will not work correctly.
  • Fixed potential crash in a mod where no random capitalShip or starBase names were defined.
  • Fixed crash that would occur in mods that used SpawnRacialBuffAtLocation() where the number of races exceeded the number of defined buffs.
  • Modders can now use negative trade values.
  • Updated Particle Forge shaders.
  • Reduced particle sizes of Gamma Ray Burst random event.
  • Reduced particle size of Pulsar beams.
  • Fixed slowdowns caused by Steam DLC queries.
  • Alt-Enter is now the default full screen toggle key combo. Changed to avoid conflict with Steam's overlay key combo.
  • In memory of Ed Sarabia, who's wonderful art shines in the Sins universe.
    Patch 1.86 (18 November 2016)
  • Advent Reanimation and any other form of cloning will no longer clone Militia units.
  • Truce Amongst Rogues is now with just the pirates - not rebels, neutrals or militia.
  • Modders can now make use of the new ResearchModifierTypes "FriendlyWithPirates" and "FriendlyWithRebelNeutrals" in addition to the original "FriendlyWithPiratesRebelNeutrals".
  • Fixed smuggling data showing up when looking at crystal or metal tooltips. Smuggling only affects credits.
  • NPC and Militia carriers now build their strikecraft squadrons.
  • Militia will now spawn carriers.
  • Militia no longer receive research benefits that are tied to weaponclass. This solves the problem of races who don't use the militia ship classes being at a research disadvantage.
  • Mod users no longer need to move their mods to a new mod folder if the executable version changed unless the new game version breaks the previous version's mods. (e.g. 1.85 mods can stay in the Mods-Rebellion v1.85 folder even though this is game version 1.86).
  • CPU optimizations in large battle situations, late game situations and mass militia situations.
  • Reduced memory usage (particularly during large battles).
  • Reduced memory fragmentation (particularly during large battles).
  • AI CPU and memory optimizations.
  • Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion - Outlaw Sectors

    Дополнение Outlaw Sectors, в котором вам предстоит отправиться в самые гиблые места галактики, уже доступно на, без DRM.
    Иногда чтобы добиться успеха, приходится нарушать правила. А то и вовсе выходить за их рамки и придумывать свои. В космосе этот принцип тоже действует, особенно когда речь идет об Outlaw Sectors, в которых собираются отборные негодяи и другие сомнительные личности, ищущие легкой наживы. Умелые дельцы, не отягощенные моральными принципами, смогут сколотить здесь состояние на пиратстве и контрабанде – вам на разграбление достанется 10 новых карт, прохождение которых потребует стратегической гибкости особого рода...

    Порядок установки

    1. Запустить setup указать путь, установить.
    2. Установить дополнение.
    3. Играть.

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    Торрент перезалит 19.03.2019, игра обновлена до версии 1.94
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