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Ghost of a Tale- ИНФОРМАЦИЯ:-Год выпуска: 13 мар. 2018
Жанр: Adventure, Action, 3D, 3rd Person, Indie
Разработчик: SeithCG
Издатель: SeithCG
Платформа: Windows
Версия: 8.11
Тип издания: Лицензия (GOG)
Язык интерфейса: Русский / Английский / Немецкий / Французский / Испанский / Итальянский
Язык озвучки: отсутствует
ОС: Windows 7 64bit
Процессор: Intel i5 - 2.5Ghz
Оперативная память: 3 GB ОЗУ
Видеокарта: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (2GB) or AMD Radeon R9 270
DirectX: Версии 11
Место на диске: 5 GB
Звуковая карта: Motherboard Integrated sound card
Дополнительно: Although Ghost of a Tale is fully playable with mouse and keyboard, we'd strongly recommend playing with a gamepad for the best experience.
-ОПИСАНИЕ:-Ghost of a Tale - это приключенческая игра, события которой разворачиваются в параллельном мире, в котором место людей заняли животные. Главный герой игры - мышонок, попавший на заброшенный остров, где обитает армия неупокоенных крыс. Мышонку предстоит разгадать загадку острова, а так же найти затерянное на нем сокровище, для чего ему предстоит читать дневники, решать загадки и сражаться с многочисленными врагами.


Patch 8.11 (04 Feb, 2019)
- Silas speaks English in the German version (how rude).
- The progress bar when launching the game is invisible.
- The text of the footnotes sometimes appears under the footnote's scrollbar.
- The footnotes' scrollbar sometimes appears scrolled all the way down when it shouldn't.
- Rare case of guards not being able to cross the jail's drawbridge.
- Bugs when restarting a new game from an ongoing session (including armor's pauldrons issue).
- Pine Cone tutorial UI issue.
- Tilo can get stuck in a specific spot near the Far Tower.
- Some light-leaking at the Far Tower location.
- Rampart guard can sometimes leave his post and disappear (he was tersely reprimanded).
- The brightness slider does not have an immediately visible effect when manipulated.
- Section visibility issue when loading a save from scratch where Tilo's hiding in the basin of the courtyard's entrance.
- Controller's triggers are non-responsive.
- NPCs' speech bubble icons now appear fainter when they're behind a wall.
- Performance optimization pass on the game's particles.
Patch Release 7.91
Welcome to this special new patch for Ghost of a Tale!
In this one we’ve fixed quite a few things but also optimized the game even more (including the jail, commissary, etc.) in prevision for next month’s release on consoles. The photo mode has also gained the often requested focus distance control and we’ve added a couple of items for Tilo to wear.
But most importantly, this patch contains brand new character theme tracks composed by Mathieu. As previously indicated they have been recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra and they’re, simply put, amazing. But don't take my word for it and listen to the theme of Tam & Farrow here:
In the same vein, whenever you transition to a new area in-game you will be greeted by new music tracks to emphasize the location’s atmosphere. It’s one of the things players always wished there were more of in the game.
On a different topic, over the last few months we’ve watched a lot of play-throughs and we’ve seen that most players just hit the quicksave button whenever they hide. Which means many of them will only have ONE save to rollback to (namely the autosave) if they decide they made a wrong decision in a dialog or if they stumble upon an issue that prevents them from moving ahead in a quest.
In order to alleviate that, we’ve implemented a new rolling quicksave system comprised of 5 slots. In other words, when you hit the quicksave button, the save will get created in the next available quicksave slot, looping from number 5 back to number 1. That way, you’ll always have 5 quicksaves available for you to roll back to.
We hope this will make your playing experience even more enjoyable!
Spiderwebs, urns and fake beards are a little too dark sometimes.
Case where Silas’ key can be picked up.
Achievement for closing all the shutters triggers too early.
Achievement for disposing of all the spiders triggers too early.
Couple of typos.
The windows’ fade planes remain translucent (instead of being black).
Light leaking in several places.
Some missing colliders.
A few plants on the shore change rotation when getting close to them.
In option menus, you can’t go down with the Dpad when selecting a dropdown menu.
Rare bug involving a certain magpie and a chest in the Great Hall.
An asterisk remains visible in the Misc and Keys categories of the inventory when it should not.
Fixed a rare case of Tilo getting stuck in the lower Great Hall with the elevator up.
Improved performance in many locations (jail, commissary, shore, etc.).
Rezzia won’t disappear at night if you’re in the middle of the commissary quest.
Photo mode instructions stay on the screen a little longer before fading away.
Improved songs’ volume.
Added Chinese title art.
Added new ambient musics to many locations (11 new tracks in total).
New cloth items have been added in Silas’ chest as a quest reward.
New score added to the final battle.
Brand new character theme musics added during dialogs.
Added focus distance control in photo mode.
Added new rolling quicksaves system.
Patch 7.45 (22 October 2018)
Texture stretching on some of the catacombs' walls.
Some visual section toggling issues.
Tilo's flower book remains stuck on the first page.
One of the guards in the barracks doesn't go back to bed after being awoken.
Patch Release 7.43
This corrective patch brings us to version 7.43 and fixes some small bugs which can occur in very specific conditions. It also takes care of a possible exploit at the end of the game involving casks of brisance.
As usual, if you still happen to stumble across unresolved issues, please do mention them on the Bugs & Issues forum, or send us an email (with as much relevant info as possible) at:
Tilo’s hood can sometimes have a weird rotation (over his chest).
Exploit with pre-staged brisances at the end of the game.
Edge case where time can occasionally get un-frozen when Tilo performs songs.
Some mesh gaps in the courtyard.
Dropping the water bucket on the skiff, saving and reloading can result in the bucket vanishing.
Hitting the ESC key to cancel quitting the game can make the main menu unresponsive.
German localization: The flower book’s first chapter spills over page 2.
Rare case where guards can detect Tilo when he’s in a specific spot in the harbour's pen.
Small distant section popping visually when getting out of the barracks.
Rare case where the grid shortcut in the jail is not properly reinitialized.
Patch Release 7.37
Rats sometimes can’t enter the armory via the courtyard.
Exploit with Tilo floating in the air while using the fire steel tool.
Lots of little geometry gaps.
A few items appear too dark when they’re in the shadows.
Rats’ feet don’t quite touch the ground when climbing stairs.
Couple of floating items.
When failing the alembic quest and reloading a save, Tilo can’t fix all the leaks anymore.
Rare case where the small chest past the rubble is not interactible after reloading a save.
Corrupted letters (black squares) appearing in German texts.
Patch Release 7.33
Couple of typos in some dialogs.
Invisible blocker in the harbourmaster’s office near the top of the stairs.
The straw texture is not visible.
Lore section categories (in Inventory UI) don’t react properly to being clicked upon.
Tilo can change clothes in front of the gambler in the commissary (how rude!).
The portcullis/main gate’s state doesn’t refresh properly when reloading a save.
Rare case where the ladder in the rafters doesn’t refresh properly after reloading a save.
Tilo can’t climb through the garden window while wearing the armour.
The music heard when talking to the gambler is not the Rats' theme.
Hornets’ nest (from the jail's chest) sound remains active after reloading a save.
Patch Release 7.26 (upgraded engine + better shadows!)
Hello everyone! Here's a new patch release which brings us to version 7.26. It's mostly a maintenance patch, although behind the scenes we've upgraded the game's engine itself (from Unity 5.5 to 2017.4). As a consequence, performance and visual quality have gotten a boost.
Most notably the lighting quality has been greatly improved. The sun's light and shadows now progress smoothly throughout the duration of the day. If you remember before it was advancing abruptly and remained static for 10 seconds, then quickly advanced again and stopped, etc...
A couple of holes in the sets geometry.
Some set sectioning issues on the shore.
Tilo’s hood can sometimes go through the top of his head.
Major upgrade of the engine.
Optimization pass in preparation of console release.
Added a new visual option for bloom.
Light and shadows from the sun now move smoothly throughout the day.
Sunsets and sunrises as well as the game's overall shadows quality have been improved.
Hotfix 7.07 fixes a couple of specific issues introduced in 7.05 (mostly with the Italian localization and some non-aggressive guards after restarting a game from scratch).
Hello everyone! This is a patch release (v7.05) which fixes a couple of bugs and improves performance on the shore. You can now start a new game and change the language on the fly (without having to close and restart the app).
Textures have also been improved via better micro-detailing. You can see an example below (right-click and "View Image" to get the full effect):

Basically after playing God of War I noticed they were using this technique very effectively (normal + albedo micro-textures), so I implemented it in the game.
Some UI dropdown menus don’t close (and reopen) properly.
Some characters in German don’t show up.
Some plates in the commissary float a little above the tables.
Music volume is sometimes too loud after reloading a save.
Rare issue with blowing up a brisance after it’s been hooked up.
Some sectioning issues when climbing on the rampart’s crenelations.
The sleeping rats’ colliders (in the barracks) are not active.
The collider for the lid of the shore chest is missing.
White (untextured) walls in catacombs corridor near the Great Hall.
Bees nests erroneously appear as items in inventory.
Improved performance on the shore.
Improved textures quality.
You can now start a new game without having to close and reopen the app.
Pressing the RB/LB in the Lore UI now loops categories.
The new item marker “*” in the inventory now ignores consumables.
You can now change the game’s language on the fly (without having to restart).
Patch 660 (17 April 2018)
UI: Black screen remains after the end credits are finished rolling (when using gamepad).
Misc: Possible framerate drop when entering the catacombs for the first time.
Misc: The faraway surface of the lake can sometimes disappear when Tilo's in a precise location near the far tower.
Misc: The sequence of knocking down a key to the floor + saving + dying + reloading can lead to said key not being pickable anymore.
Misc: Specific exploit allowing Tilo to sprint and sneak while wearing the armor (sorry speedrunners!).
Memory requirement for the game has been lowered by almost 600Mb.
Patch 655 (06 April 2018)
UI: Show Build number preference is not properly recalled.
UI: It is possible to call the inventory while the options menu is displayed.
UI: Rare cases where a speech icon stays on screen even if the NPC is not visible anymore.
Misc: Leeches detection counts as "detected by guards".
Misc: One bag of grain is not pickable in the room next to the garden.
Misc: There's a kill trigger on a step in a very specific location in the Great Hall.
Lighting: The torches' shadows "wobbling" movement is now less extreme.
Misc: The camera black mask effects (when hiding) now work with ultrawide resolutions.
Chinese is now officially supported (sorry it took so long)!
AI: Rare cases of guards' agro not subsiding when going from the jail to the distillery via the elevator.
UI: Fatale's name label is offset on the shore.
Misc: It is possible to talk to the commander even after he's knocked out.
Some issues when putting food items on the tables of the commissary.
Patch Release 6.51
Last remaining case of invisible wall in the harbour.
Rare case of the camera looking to the side of Tilo after reloading an autosave.
Specific case where the camera is not at the right spot during the end sequence (happens only when playing with mouse/keyboard).
Possible exploit with brisance right after the chest on the shore is open.
Some cases where bees' nests can't be looted.
Some cases where the HUD does not reappear after Tilo dies.
Couple of sounds not playing (i.e. whistling in "Stop That Racket" quest, distillery elevator, skapp beetles at night).
Couple of minor UI fixes (i.e. new item asterisk remains visible in inventory UI).
One of the grain bags in the jail cannot be picked up.
The "Stack" skill now also works with candles taken from a container.
Butterflies don't appear at night anymore.
Some language-specific localization tweaks have been made to clarify a couple of points.
Patch 650 (24 March 2018)
No ambient sounds playing in the catacombs, harbor, great hall and shore.
Abrupt transitions between ambient sounds.
Elevators (courtyard, baskets, bells, etc…) don’t play their sounds.
Ravik’s arrival sequence (on the bridge) doesn’t play any sounds.
Sounds during dialogs are sometimes too loud.
Spiders don’t play their sounds.
No sounds when climbing ladders.
Several reverb zones are not kicking in.
Gallworms don’t play their sounds.
Pressure plates don’t play their sound.
Pinecones don’t play their sounds (collapsing worm holes, etc…).
All ambient sounds are turned off after quitting and relaunching the game.
The rebel mice remain visible although the skiff has left the harbor.
An invisible wall keeps Tilo from crossing the already-opened metal gate in the harbor near the crab’s pen (coming from the elevator).
The commander is sometimes not visible in his office.
It is possible to sleep in the commander’s bed.
Rolo at the forge is not hammering and talks about weird unrelated stuff.
The camera is too close to Tilo after reloading a save.
Cases where reloading an autosave results in the camera remaining locked on the spot.
Cases of invisible Ravik on the bridge.
The Gusto & Fatale’s achievement is not triggered.
The Lore Master achievement is not getting unlocked.
The wrong map is shown after getting to the shore via the cave.
Some map markers for items on the maps are wrong.
The well key can sometimes get stuck in an unreachable place.
The HUD is not properly restored after leaving photo mode.
The guards in the harbor can chase Tilo beyond the harbor (and disappear).
Some French characters are not properly displayed in the books UI.
The grid ladder in the jail tower can sometimes get stuck (after reloading multiple times).
Problems when reloading a save while the end sequence is still playing.
Some trees on the shore are missing their colliders.
Rare cases where Silas is awake instead of sleeping.
Some missing colliders in the catacombs walls.
Tilo can sprint and sneak while wearing the armor when launching the game and loading a save with the armor upgrade skill.
Ambient music abruptly kicks in instead of fading in.
Guards’ knocked out timer UI remains on screen after leaving the area of the guards.
Shutters don’t play their sounds when Tilo opens them.
Added an option to hide the build number (in the lower right corner).
Getting Duinlan’s gilded armor: equipping it and then reloading a prior save left the items floating in space.
Duinlan's sounds are missing.
Skeletal rats on the shore don’t play their sounds.
Final battle: Some skeletal rats walk on the spot.
Final battle: Rolo sometimes runs on the spot.
Final battle: If a brisance keg explodes in Tilo’s hands the brisance durability bar is visible after a reload.
Final battle: your allies don’t play their sounds.
Final battle: Tilo can get agro from unseen skeletal rats after the battle is won.
Final battle: The green flame in the shore chest plays no sound.
Final battle: The music is not playing.
Final battle: All the skeletal rats attack your allies, leaving Tilo unbothered.
Final battle: Rolo does not start at the right place after reloading a save.
Final battle: Your allies remain in a fighting stance after the battle is over.
The shore chest’s durability bar is visible after reloading a save.
The skeletal rats are already resurrected (standing idle) after reloading a save where they should not yet be.
Duinlan’s chest floats in the air after leaving the great hall and coming back.
Tilo remains in “scared” stance after playing the final battle and reloading a previous save.
Patch 639 (19 March 2018)
Textures resolution is reset to "Normal" after quitting and relaunching the game.
Occasional crashes when saving with screen resolutions higher than HD (ie. 4K).
Quest events issue when reloading the autosave just after Ravik's arrival.
Brisances exploding in the final battle don't respawn after reloading a save.
Patch 637 (19 March 2018)
This patch release brings us to version 6.37 and not only fixes bugs but also adds a requested camera FOV option in the graphics menu!
Infinite loop in Kerold's dialog when asking about holy berries.
The counter of the task to get the obols in the catacombs is erroneous.
The Visuals and Audio menu options don't show up as localized.
Case where you can't buy maps from Rolo.
It is possible to call the map, interface, perception skill or tool cycling during end sequence.
Specific cases of Tilo being sent to jail as a red ranger and getting locked in the cell with Silas.
The "Stack" skill doesn't work after reloading a save (tools number gets capped at 5).
Texture resolution is reset to normal after closing and reloading the game.
Added an option in the Visuals options to change the camera FOV.
The "Stack" skill now allows Tilo to carry more candles as well.
(Also, the "silver ring from gambler" patch is now retroactive, and so is the "chest bundle for Silas" fix)
Patch 637 (19 March 2018)
This patch release brings us to version 6.37 and not only fixes bugs but also adds a requested camera FOV option in the graphics menu!
Infinite loop in Kerold's dialog when asking about holy berries.
The counter of the task to get the obols in the catacombs is erroneous.
The Visuals and Audio menu options don't show up as localized.
Case where you can't buy maps from Rolo.
It is possible to call the map, interface, perception skill or tool cycling during end sequence.
Specific cases of Tilo being sent to jail as a red ranger and getting locked in the cell with Silas.
The "Stack" skill doesn't work after reloading a save (tools number gets capped at 5).
Texture resolution is reset to normal after closing and reloading the game.
Added an option in the Visuals options to change the camera FOV.
The "Stack" skill now allows Tilo to carry more candles as well.
(Also, the "silver ring from gambler" patch is now retroactive, and so is the "chest bundle for Silas" fix)
Patch 634 (16 March 2018)
After reloading a save, Tilo doesn't always wear the proper costume items.
In some cases the chest from Duinlan doesn't break when Ravik lands.
Cases where picking up the chest bundle (after Ravik landed) and bringing it back to Silas does not further the quest.
Cases where you need to wait for Silas to wake up in his cot but the task doesn't complete.
The catacombs map does not show where Tilo actually is.
The wrong map is shown when getting back to the courtyard via the elevator.
The wrong map is shown when getting into the harbour via the catacombs.
The inventory icon for the ring you get from the gambler is missing.
The Italian dialog of the mice on the boat is actually in French.
It is possible to jump on the heads of guards sitting in the commissary.
It is possible to talk to the guards in the commissary without wearing an armor.
Removed the chapel fresco quest for now from the total tally of quests (until it's fixed).
Patch 633 (15 March 2018)
Silas refuses to talk to you when you meet him in the jail's cell.
Clicking on Continue in the main menu while a dialog is ongoing loses focus of the mouse cursor.
Handkerchiefs achievement exploit.
The Red Mist skill does not work when using mouse/keyboard, even when it's remapped.
Some yellow warnings can appear over Rolo's dialog.
Patch 490 (16th August 2017)
Tilo can change in front of Rolo (how rude)
The peculiar physical condition Tilo develops after completing the mushroom quests is still present after reloading a save (when it shouldn’t)
The brisance description erroneously refers to a wooden barrel
The sound of Tilo hiding in barrels is too loud
The obelisk quest doesn’t work if Tilo lights up the candles using his candlestick instead of his firesteel
Some rocks at the bottom of the armory stairwell have wonky colliders
The armory rat cannot follow Tilo to the garden
The armory guard now goes back to the armory stairwell when Tilo goes to sleep, even if he has moved very far away
The intentionally missing words on the obelisk quest parchment now use dots instead of underscores
Tilo won’t throw projectiles at NPCs anymore
If you have a tool equipped which is ineffective against your opponent (grease jar vs greaves, bottle vs helmet, etc...) and you try to throw anyway Tilo won’t throw the projectile
Upon completing the beehives quest you’ll now find honey within the restored beehives
Honey now gives back a lot more health
Patch 486
If Tilo dies while opening a container the container UI remains on screen after reloading
Lighting up the correct obelisk’s candle with the firesteel (instead of the candlestick) doesn’t register properly for the “Heroes All” quest
The lighting pops up bright/dark when the brightness slider is not at the default value
In the footnotes UI some words might be slightly cut off to the right
Missing geometry to doorway arch to the actual armory room at the bottom of the spiral staircase
The sun light is visible in the shortcut to the armory when entering the garden
The main tower disappears while it should remain visible when entering the shortcut from the garden to the armory
The guard patrolling the armory stairwell does not react to Tilo’s presence
Tilo partially clips through the cliffs near the last obelisk overlooking the lake in the northern slopes
When interacting with the basket elevator counterweight in the garden and the basket starts to come down and Tilo runs into the armory shortcut before the basket reaches the bottom and then comes back, the basket is not interactable anymore (say that sentence in one breath)
Some HUD elements appear very aliased when running at a lower resolution than 1080p
The path at the bottom of the northern slopes is open (stairs leading to void)
The brisance warning in the armory is clipping through the column and is not readable
Bear traps can’t be triggered by throwing a stick at them

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