Galactic Civilizations III [L] [RUS + ENG + 2 / ENG] (2015) (3.50 + 14 DLC) [GOG]

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Galactic Civilizations III
-OСНОВНАЯ ИНФОРМАЦИЯ-•Год выпуска: 2015
•Жанр: Turn-based Strategy
•Разработчик: Stardock Entertainment
•Издатель: Stardock Entertainment
•Платформа: PC
Версия: 3.50
•Тип издания: GOG
•Язык интерфейса: Русский / английский / немецкий / французский
•Язык oзвучки: английский
•Таблетка: не требуется (DRM Free отСИСТЕМНЫЕ ТРЕБОВАНИЯ-• Операционная система: Windows 7 (64 bit)
• Процессор: 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
• Оперативная память: 4 Гб
• Видеокарта: 512 MB DirectX 10.1 Video Card (AMD Radeon HD5x00 Series / Nvidia GeForce 500 Series)
• Свободного места на жестком диске: 12 GB-ОПИСАНИЕ-
Galactic Civilizations III – это стратегия с самым большим миром за всю историю жанра. Каждая новая партия в ней неповторима и предлагает невероятное разнообразие благодаря большому набору настроек: вы можете выбрать размер карты, количество планет в системах, распространенность ресурсов, частоту случайных событий и многое другое.
Стратегия Galactic Civilizations III оставляет в прошлом линейные условия победы и взамен предлагает вам многочисленные пути к успеху, когда вы сами решаете, какие цели преследовать, будь то военное доминирование, культурное превосходство, технологическое преимущество или политические союзы. Новые возможности сетевой игры также расширяют выбор задач, предоставляя возможность соревноваться с другими игроками, а не с ИИ. В дополнение к этому вас ждет подробная и разнообразная система моделирования кораблей, которая обеспечивает небывалую степень погружения в игру.-ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНО-• Каждая партия неповторима: в этой уникальной стратегии вас каждый раз ждет новая масштабная карта, миры и задачи, а еще – множество противников, от 16 до 100.
• Разнообразные способы достижения победы: военное доминирование, культурное превосходство, технологическое преимущество или политические союзы.
• Сюжетная кампания, повествующая о 20 годах, приведших к расцвету человечества в XXIII веке.
Релиз включает бонусы GOG: руководство (English, Russian), Wallpaper, портреты аватаров, soundtrack.-Список DLC в релизе:
• DLC: Crusade Expansion Pack
• DLC: Mech Parts Kit
• DLC: Altarian Prophecy
• DLC: Lost Treasures
• DLC: Intrigue
• DLC: Map Pack
• DLC: Mega Events
• DLC: Revenge of the Snathi
• DLC: Precursor Worlds
• DLC: Mercenaries Expansion Pack
• DLC: Builder's Kit
• DLC: Rise of the Terrans
• DLC: Star Control Heroes
• DLC: Retribution Expansion (только на английском языке)
• Galactic Civilizations III - Registration Bonus-Galactic Civilizations® III Trailer
Информация о Galactic Civilizations III - Crusade Expansion
Experience a whole new side of Galactic Civilizations III with the Crusade expansion! Discover your enemy’s weak points with espionage, actively invade and conquer planets, and help talented citizens rise to power and drive your civilization into a golden age. With a detailed civilization builder tool for Steam workshop, espionage, revamped invasions, Galactic Citizens system, new races and civilizations, and more, Crusade adds a host of depth for Galactic Civilizations III that players have been craving.
Core Features:
Civilization Builder
Create a custom faction complete with leader, ideology, and abilities. You can also customize your own galactic navy and create unique conversation dialogue for your faction to use when it comes into contact with friends and enemies. The civilization builder is integrated into Steam Workshop so that you can upload your creation for other users to enjoy!
Conquering a world is no small task. The revamped invasion system in Crusade allows a citizen to be trained as a soldier in order to invade worlds. Strategic and challenging, invasions will require careful planning as you train your legions and determine which tile to attack first. Be careful not to forget to defend your own worlds from your enemies, too!
Smaller civilizations can keep up with their larger counterparts by training their citizens in the art of espionage. Spies can steal technologies, circulate rumors to create civil unrest, sabotage enemy worlds, or even go so far as to assassinate enemy citizens to keep their edge above the competition.
Galactic Citizens
Shape the course of your civilization’s destiny with talented individuals called citizens. Choose from over a dozen unique roles - commander, engineer, farmer, celebrity, and more - to help your colonies flourish by unlocking new gameplay or providing bonuses. The unique Promotions system allows citizens to answer a higher calling. They become effectively “consumed” for a large benefit. Commanders can become Privateers and convert their ship into a powerful vessel that belongs to no civilization and terrorizes other ships for fun, profit, and plausible deniability. Celebrities can sing their swan song in a spectacular final concert, Spies can choose to go down in a blaze of glory (and explosives!) as Saboteurs, and more.
New Races and Civilizations
You already know you’re not alone in the universe, but there are always new civilizations to discover. Crusade features three brand-new factions:
Terran Resistance: The portion of humanity that avoided being trapped on Earth behind the Precursor Shield, years on the run have made them resourceful, but hard.
The Onyx Hive: These multi-limbed worms were born from the deep, volcanic vents in the ocean of their homeworld. Natural spies, their society thrives on backstabbing and intrigue.
The Slyne: These cybernetic space amoebas look down on other races as being primitive. Fickle and hard to kill, it’s probably best to stay on their good side.
Updated Civilizations
Think you know how the Drengin operate or what kind of trades the Krynn might expect from you? The races you were once familiar with have all been changed so that playing against them is a more unique experience. When you go to select opponents for a map, a whole new host of information is available to you now so that you can make a better decision about who you’d like to play against. All of the races value different resources, ideologies, and more, so each experience you have will be unique!
Updated Economy, Diplomacy, and Alliance Systems
Overall re-balancing and pacing changes keep the early game chock-full of interesting and important choices that you need to make for your civilization. The economy makes it so that each choice impacts what options you have available to you later - will you build a shipyard first, or will you establish a Central Bank in order to boost your income early on?
Trading is critical in Crusade because you need to obtain and amass resources in order to do things. A “trade bar” now shows up above the dialogue box and shows how fair the trade is and how much further you’ll have to go before your trade partner accepts your proposal. Races will value resources differently based on how much money they have, whether they like you or not, and dozens of other factors.
The re-balancing done on the Alliances system will make you think twice about going back on your word or attacking certain civilizations. There are very real consequences for “war mongering” or for breaking an alliance or treaty - not only will the offended civilization come for blood, but now they’ll be bringing all their friends and allies, too.
Crusade also features a sleek, functional new UI. Multi-core pathfinding keeps turns short and quick, even in late games with dozens of civilizations on massive maps. Crusade is packed with new features and improvements that are both accessible to new fans and exciting for long-time players of Galactic Civilizations III.

Информация о Galactic Civilizations III - Intrigue Expansion

Выбирайте свое правительство, заключайте союзы и помогите вашему народу пережить серьезные кризисы. Участвуйте в политике галактического масштаба в Galactic Civilizations III: Intrigue!
Решите, как лучше править вашей галактикой. Соберите правительство, покупайте и продавайте редкие ресурсы на новом Галактическом рынке, направьте ваши колонии на путь к независимости, создавайте союзы и многое другое! Дополнение Intrigue отвечает на множество вопросов о том, как управлять целой цивилизацией, раскинувшейся среди сотен планет в огромной галактике.
Чтобы держать государство под контролем, вы должны обладать высоким уровнем народного одобрения. Взимайте слишком большие налоги, принимайте слишком много неверных решений - и следующие выборы будут проиграны. Ваши действия во время кризисов также могут кардинально изменить ситуацию, причем как в лучшую, так и в худшую сторону.
Так каким правителем вы станете? Вы диктатор? Или государственник? Добряк или злодей? Готовы ли вы рискнуть жизнями и потратить ресурсы ради спасения небольшой группы ваших граждан? Или вы пожертвуете ими ради высшего блага? Ответьте на эти и другие вопросы в Galactic Civilizations III: Intrigue!
Огромная галактика для исследований. Тысячи планет для заселения. Сотни колоний, которым нужен лидер — вы.
Выберите форму правления
Используйте мягкую силу или правьте железной рукой! Выберите один из 20 стилей правления и ведите вашу цивилизацию к величию. Каждый стиль правления имеет свои преимущества и недостатки. Вы можете выбрать демократию, но не забывайте следить за тем, чтобы народ был доволен. Иначе на следующих выборах вас ждет поражение. А может, вы решите сделать ставку на аристократию и крупных собственников, поработив рабочий класс? Или же выберете межзвездную плутократию, отдав всю власть корпорациям? Тогда мнение народа не будет значить ровным счетом ничего! Разумеется, при этом повышается вероятность народных волнений. Но вы ведь справитесь с этим, не так ли?
Помогите вашей цивилизации преодолеть неожиданный кризис
Выбирайте свое собственное приключение! В любой момент может произойти особое событие, которое смешает все планы развития вашей цивилизации. Эти события, называемые кризисами, можно пройти, приняв ряд последовательных решений. Возможно, вам придется усмирить группу воинственно настроенных революционеров или собрать силы для удара по огромному космическому чудовищу, которое бродит у границ вашей империи. Действия, которые вы предпримете для разрешения ситуации, отразятся на дальнейших событиях, ваших возможностях и награде, которую вы в итоге получите.
Создайте союз
Направьте ваши колонии на пути к самодостаточности!По мере роста вашей империи окраинные миры могут захотеть независимости. Составьте план, и они будут его придерживаться. Обеспечив этим мирам статус независимых государств в составе союза, вы превратите их в доброжелательных союзников, которые будут склонны поддерживать вас на галактической сцене, а также предоставят материнской цивилизации значительную материальную поддержку.
Торгуйте на галактическом рынке
На рынке всегда есть выгодные предложения! Ну, может и не всегда, но вам об этом не скажут. Продайте дюрантий, пока усиленные темпы добычи не обрушили его цену. Или заплатите сверху и получите немного элерия для постройки нового флагмана, о котором вы так долго мечтали. Цены на ресурсы зависят лишь от степени их доступности на рынке, так что заключайте сделки с умом!
Следите за новостями через Галактическую новостную сеть
В космосе нет места предвзятым новостям: репортаж ведет робот! Следите за новостями и будьте в курсе новых союзов, военных противостояний и прочих событий, которые происходят в галактике. Лучший способ быть на шаг впереди всех конкурентов - держать руку на пульсе событий.
Исследуйте новый захватывающий контент
Будьте готовы ко всему! Вас ждут самые разные события - от голода до массовых протестов. Это испытание ваших лидерских качеств и мощи вашего народа. За политические достижения и преодоление кризисов вы будете получать новые корабли, которые невозможно открыть иным способом. Ваш выбор определит сценарий игры, а также награды и штрафы, которые вы получите. Так что решайте мудро!

Update list

Patch 3.10 (13 November 2018)
AI Improvements
Synthetic races are better at killing you
Synthetic life forms will not longer try to build farms. Instead, they'll destroy the arable tiles to make room for something more useful to them.
Crusade: AI better at gaining citizens at higher difficulty levels.
Fertile tiles are more common.
Mercenaries: Avatar mercenary antimatter cost increased from 1 to 5.
Prolific ability population growth reduced from 0.2 to 0.1 (otherwise it was basically tripling initial population growth).
Aururus Arberetum provides a % growth benefit instead of a flat so that a given player (such as an AI player) doesn't gain a disproportionate advantage from having one.
Intrigue: Changed the "Destroyed Planets" crisis outcomes to be only "mostly destroyed"
Custom Colors: Design your own color palettes for custom factions, ships, the UI and maps.
Population growth now shows to 2 significant digits.
Added a button on the title window to force sync the mods. Use this if you have subbed/unsubbed to ships or civs outside of the game and that content isn't showing up correctly.
Crusade: Shows your leader instead of the news robot
Fixed a few MP crashes
Typo fixes: For extreme colonize, it is Barren, not Desert planet types.
Base Game only: AI will not try to research Crusade specific techs.
Mercenaries: AI no longer tries to "mine" the Bazaar
New racial trait and quality of life improvements arrive in Galactic Civilizations III v3.05
Happy Fall, everyone!
The Galactic Civilizations III team has been working on some updates and adjustments to the core edition that they’re excited to share with you… in the form of a poem. You can thank Kael for this one.
Added a new racial trait, Aeroponics which allows that race to build a special low yield farm on any terrain with the Xeno Adaptation technology (requires Crusade).
When you willingly start a campaign,
A fleet may be spawned without name,
If you click on that fleet - the result, bittersweet,
Will engender a crash in our game.
Fixed the Trial by Fire achievement.
Fixed the Perseverance so it can now correctly colonize extreme worlds even if the player doesn't have the tech.
Fixed an issue scavenging a trade ship where it wouldn't have a home port anymore.
Fixed an end turn crash (thanks for all the reproducible saves!).
Patch 3.04 (26 June 2018)
Increased the max players on Tiny maps from 4 to 6.
Increased the max players on Small maps from 6 to 9.
Increased the max players on Medium maps from 12 to 18.
Increased the max players on Large maps from 16 to 24.
Increased the max players on Huge maps from 24 to 32.
Increased the max players on Gigantic maps from 32 to 48.
Increased the max players on Immense maps from 48 to 64.
Increased the max players on Excessive maps from 64 to 100.
Reduced memory requirements on Large maps from 8Gb to 6Gb.
Reduced memory requirements on Immense maps from 16Gb to 12Gb.
Fixed an issue where the Hyperion Shipyard level up bonus wasn't boosting ship points (base and crusade
Patch 3.03 (13 June 2018)
Increased the maximum habitable planets on all map sizes except insane
Rebalanced Asteroid frequency to be more balanced between the settings (rare, occasional, etc) in map setup
Rebalanced Resource frequency to be more balanced between the settings (rare, occasional, etc) in map setup
Increased planet frequency if abundant planets are selected in map setup
Increased habitable planet frequency if abundant habitable planets are selected in map setup
Increased PlayerStartSpacingWideMod to 1.00 and PlayerStartSpacingNarrowMod to 0.50 to get a more even distribution of ai players
Galactic Showcase no longer has a global effect
Shadow Temple Diplomacy bonus increased from 0.5 to 1 and it is now a player wonder
Advanced Colony Capital Now improves Morale 1 instead of reducing it by 1
XenoMedical Center growth bonus changed from flat 0.1 to 0.2
Fertility Center growth bonus changed from flat 0.1 to 0.2 and multiplier from 100 to 50
Replication Center growth bonus changed from flat 0.1 to 0.2 and multiplier changed from 150 to 100
Entertainment Network Morale 15% multiplier changed to a flat 2 (base game only, crusade already had this)
Entertainment Network level up Morale bonus changed from 10% to 25% (base game only, crusade already had this)
Stadium Morale 20% multiplier changed to a flat 3 (base game only, crusade already had this)
Stadium level up Morale bonus changed from 10% to 25% (base game only, crusade already had this)
Rebalanced some of the destroy planet crisis outcomes to be less catastrophic
Increased Research Motivator research level up bonus from 1% to 2.5% per level
Increased Research Extractor research level up bonus from 1% to 2.5% per level
Increased Research Amplifier research level up bonus from 1% to 2.5% per level
Krynn Consulate Influence increased from 0.2 to 1, and level up bonus increased from 1% to a flat 1 per level
Krynn Temple Influence increased from 0.2 to 1, and level up bonus increased from 1% to a flat 1 per level
Krynniac Mission Influence increased from 0.2 to 2, and level up bonus increased from 1% to a flat 1 per level
Krynniac Order Influence increased from 0.3 to 3, and level up bonus increased from 1% to a flat 1 per level
Krynniac Oracle Income increased from +10% to +25%, Influence increased from +10% to +25%, and level up bonus increased from 1% to a flat 1 per level
Krynniac Ministry Income increased from +15% to +25%, Influence increased from +15% to +25%, Tourism decreased from +2% to +1%, and level up bonus increased from 1% to a flat 1 per level
Increased Iridium Store Influence from 0.1 to 1
Increased Iridium Center Influence from 0.15 to 1
Increased Iridium World Influence from 0.5 to 2
Increased Galactic Showcase Influence from 0.5 to 3
Fixed a crash when upgrading a Commander to a Privateer
Fixed an issue making the Black Market unbuildable
Fixed an issue making the Champion's Temple unbuildable
Fixed an issue keeping the Determined ability from applying its bonus
Fixed an issue where Thulium Moon wasn't providing Thulium
Fixed an issue where Durantium Cloud wasn't providing Durantium
Fixed an issue where Promethion Refinery wasn't proving Promethion
Fixed a an incorrect description on the Mechanic citizen
Patch 3.02 (22 May 2018)
Added a new adviser popup when its past turn 20, the player has more than 1000 credits and hasn't rushed anything yet.
Fixed an issue where colony list would flicker after multiple invasions
Fix to keep players from queuing up trades through the first contact dialog and confusing the game about trade partners.
Increased the max player count for ludicrous map size to 100.
Fixed an AI issue that allowed freighters to go way beyond their normal range
Fixed an issue where you couldn't upgrade Hydroponic Farms
Removed references to the non-existent "monument" achievement
Added the ability to trade from the first contact dialog
Removed a merciless text dialog form the benevolent trade message
Crash fixes
Fixed a rare bug where if an AI surrenders to another AI, and then that AI also surrenders to you. (confused? yes so were we!)
Fixed an issue where Uncommon nebulas in map setup produced to many nebulas
Fixed an issue keeping the Quantum Power Plant from being build-able
Fixed an issue blocking the Embassy if you built another Diplomatic Building
Fixed an issue blocking the bank if you built another financial building
Fixed an issue blocking the Labor Mission if you built another labor building
Fixed an issue causing the Tourist Haven to block other tourism improvements
Fixed an issue that caused the Advanced Colony Capital to provide less Morale than the building it upgraded from.
Patch 3.01 (22 May 2018)
Base Game
Paxton's Emporium (what is sold here btw? Hair products?) is no longer a colony wonder (it is already a galactic wonder)
The tutorial starts now with additional ships.
Typo fixes
Various crash and stability fixes
Fixed crash caused by having a unit in transit to a planet, and then the planet is destroyed via event
Fixed crash in civ builder if you try to create a civ before starting a skirmish
Fixed issue where the "cannot build close to starbase" error message was showing %d instead of the actual distance when loading a save game
Fixed issue where exporting a ship design from the title screen would export a cube instead of the actual model
Fixed text coloring issue on the "Traits & Abilities" tab button on the civ builder
Fix to a broken first contact message
Added a new advisor popup when its past turn 20, the player has more than 1000 credits and hasn't rushed anything yet.
Prevented a case where after AI#1 would surrender to AI#2, the AI #2 would surrender as well. Confused? Me too.
Synthetic life factions will no longer get the high morale events. Robots are neither happy or sad.
Fixed crash caused by AI trying to change the fleet composition of an invasion fleet while an invasion is finishing up
Fixed error where galaxy sizes were being disabled whenever the user's machine had the exact required amount of RAM
The Shopping Center is again buildable
Shopping Center now gives +30% gross income, +1 adjacency bonus to Approval and +1 adjacency bonus to population
Fixed an issue where High Yield Farming was showing up as Intensive Farming
Fixed an issue that made the Galactic Intelligence Agency unbuildable if you built an embassy or other diplomatic improvements in your empire
Switched some "Planetary Defense" references in the tech tree to "Resistance"
The AI will no longer eject colony ships with no population.
Fixed several UI clipping issues when the UI scale is set to "Large"
Social/military tooltip breakdowns now shows the base value for manufacturing even if Crusade is not owned.
Reloading a save game with trade routes multiple times will no longer crash
Fixed several other crashes
"Missing DLC" dialog now shows the correct strings
The galaxy preview movie now shows even if particles are turned off
Fixed a problem where some factions couldn't be selected for MP
Timing out when restoring a multiplayer game no longer crashes
Planet generation system will no longer place an Arable land and a trade resource on the same tile.
Ships with citizens on them can no longer be scavenged (prevents a stuck turn)
Custom maps made prior to 3.0 now start arable land
Fixed an issue where Espionage Specialization said it grants a free spy when it actually increases spy levels
Added the ability to disable Crises to game options
Fixed issue where switching from a government with fewer cabinet member slots, to a government with more cabinet slots, would cause there to be an entry filled with a cabinet member to be grayed out
Commonwealths are now enabled for multiplayer
Newly created Commonwealth factions will properly use inherited trade ships.
Fixed crashes related to creating commonwealths with factions that award bonus mercenaries
Patch 3.00 (11 April 2018)
Today we are releasing v3.00 which is a massive update to the game. This update is required in order to be able to access the content from the Intrigue expansion. Here are some of the major new features:
You can set your tax rate on the govern screen. Increasing the tax rate will decrease your Civilization's morale. You can decide if you want your GDP to remain in the hands of your citizens, or go toward supporting your latest war effort or infrastructure project. Note that high taxation does not effect the morale of synthetic species, feel free to give everything to government when playing the Yor.
New Tutorial
Updated tutorial and a re-worked user experience to better introduce new players to the game
Tourism is now based on the amount of tiles you own. This is doubled if these tiles are connected to your home planet and multiplied by Tourism improvements on each colony. The more Influence you have, the more space you control, the more money you will make from Tourism. (this change requires Crusade)
Arable Land has been added. Most planets have at least 1 arable land tile. Don't worry you can destroy pretty nature and build a parking lot. Farms can only be built on arable land. Cities no longer require special resources, just food. The higher the class of the planet, the more likely it is to have Arable Land. (this change requires Crusade)
Extreme Worlds
Extreme planet frequently increased substantially.
Corrosive Worlds: Can be colonized by Carbon based life but not by Synthetic without tech
Bacterial Worlds: Can be colonized by Synthetic but not by Carbon without tech
Frozen worlds: Can now be colonized by Synthetic civs without tech
Barren worlds: Can now be colonized by Synthetic civs without tech
Radioactive worlds: Can now be colonized by Silicon civs without tech
AI is more likely to request tribute.
AI will use larger ships for defender class vessels
AI values trade routes based on wealth rather than pure quantity
New AI evaluation system for deciding when to build large ships vs. small ships.
AI now updates its ship blueprints when a tech is researched rather than every N turns reducing turn times and making the AI smarter.
Improvements to AI research
AI is more willing to talk to players it doesn't like.
AI will talk more to you regarding your evil immoral ways.
Made AI "dumber" on lower difficulty levels.
Slight HP adjustment on genius AI.
Improved AI researching of extreme planet techs
AI will give extra defense coverage for its capital world.
AI is better at stationing defenses around key worlds rather than spreading them evenly.
AI smarter about how many ships to keep in orbit based on planet class and other factors
AI smarter about when to build defenders
AI slightly smarter in handling garrisons
AI improvements in research choosing
Better AI constructor navigation late Game
AI a lot smarter about trading resources with player to match marketplace pacing.
AI defends worlds a tiny bit better.
Decreased the default AI difficulty to beginner
Weakened AI fleets will now intelligently regroup behind the lines to reform larger fleets rather than fight to the death. AI Supreme Commander now looks at fleets as pieces of a much larger task force.
Reduced the AI war threshold from -5 to -3
Proclaiming friendship with someone will make their enemies dislike you more.
AIs that want to go to war who are running a government that can't go to war will switch to a form of government that can declare war upon their next opportunity so that they can declare war.
Small adjustment to the weighting of transport ships so that the AI is more likely to build them if it has none of them at all.
AI more likely to place legions on important planets.
AI more likely to rush defensive ships if it feels it is threatened.
Tourism buildings converted to the new system.
Maintenance introduced for many planetary improvements to balance the new tourism money
Galactic Colony Capital converts 2% of tiles into tourism money
Normal colony capital converts 1% of tiles into tourism money
Balance pass on ship hull maint.
Reduced starbase maintenance on early modules.
Reduced starbase mining output to be more balanced.
Update Culture Traits and Improvements to be the same in Base as in Crusade.
Adjust Biosphere Perfection description to be more generic, since the planets unlocked are now dependent on the race type.
Space Elevator level up bonus increased from 0.5 to 1.0
Xeno Factory cost reduced from 200 to 100
Resistance planet traits changed to military
Remove durational planetary projects
Balance pass on ship designs for the AI to generate better ships.
Combat Rating adjustment to be more accurate.
Stellar Bomber now starts favored by default
Cosmetic numbering changes for hull sizes (i.e. how many crew they hold)
Smaller ships now move faster
Reduced advanced defense costs
Phasor effect is blue-ish instead of green-ish.
Most improvements are now destructible
Modest increase in cost to improvements
General moving around of improvements in the tech tree to reduce the number of improvements early game to just ones that the player might actually use.
Approval growth curve changed to provide more benefits and more penalties for high and low approval
Capital World now provides 4 morale by default (instead of 2)
Colonies now start with 3 morale (instead of 1)
Increased the colony capital raw production default from 1 to 5 to improve early game pacing
Increased the weighting of HP when determining starship strength.
Move Solar Power plant to be unlocked by Advanced construction in base game.
improvements now give a percentage of their production cost as credits when destroyed
If a player doesn't have any ideology traits unlocked, the primary ideology is now determined by the ideology personality trait, instead of always returning neutral
Alliances can expire.
Added checks to diplomacy system to make sure that you can't offer non-aggression treaty to ally.
Moved Planetary Invasion up in the technology tree so invasions can begin earlier.
Shared borders diplomatic penalty increased but greatly decreased for certain personality types.
Added a new popup giving a brief overview of 3.0 features.
Added suggested system specs for different map settings
Minor tweak to music for planet window.
Polish pass on the shipyard screen
Renamed Jamming to Dodge.
Fixed a case where the Bazaar button tooltip said it was not available when it is
fixed issue with stat breakdown tooltip and tourism tooltip where it was doubling up multipliers it should've been aggregating
Fixed several cases where UI was breaking in medium UI
moved tactical speed to be grouped with other stats under Ship Role on the shipyard screen
Removed Attached Starbases line from shipyard screen
Fixed issue where the approval breakdown tooltip headers weren't accounting for the unrest and colony limit modifiers
Added tooltip to "Set Capital" button
Shrink queue in the Planet Window
Added max players enforcement (controlled by cap categorized by galaxy size)
Approval rate displays as a % on the top right instead of just an integer.
Updated the social/military manufacturing breakdown tooltips to be more accurate to how the math is being calculated for the stats
Fixed issue where the max num of players wasn't being updated whenever a custom map was selected
Fixed issue where influence tooltip was sometimes showing up blank on the edges of larger influence blobs
updated net income tooltip to be more coherent
Tweak text in the Production window tutorial description to reflect button title change to Civilization.
Colony income, tourism income, and commonwealth income are now always displayed on the economy screen
Added patch notes pop up window
Adjust size of the Anomaly Window to fit longer anomaly descriptions and bonuses.
Extreme Planet Icons are no longer too small on 4K screens
Radial icons were too small in larger resolutions
Power consumption tweak for Surface Pro users.
Broad reduction in memory requirements.
Map Sizes
Update to map sizes for better balance:
Tiny: 20 to 28 sectors
Small: 36 to 40 sectors
Large: 90 to 70 sectors
Huge: 120 to 90 sectors
Gigantic: 180 to 120 sectors
Immense: 250 to 150 sectors (didn't touch the really big map sizes so the lunatics -- you know who you are -- won't murder me).
Typo fixes
Fixed an issue where players with a galactic wonder queued on one planet could start building it on another
Fixed to fix memory overruns which lead to crashes
Fixed several crashes related to destroying planets
Fixed a rare crash related to fighting near starbases or shipyards
Adjust size of Anomaly window to fit longer anomaly descriptions and bonuses.
Added checks to the invasion system to prevent a possible crash
Crash fix for the case where a personal transport is using a ship design it can't find.
Fixed a formatting issue with ship production on the economy screen (extra space)
Fixed missing Nebulas in the base game
Added a fix for galaxy starting without a planet
Fixed several crashes related to destroying planets
Crash fix for the case where a ship design is missing a component.
Fixed exploit whereby the player could potentially trade an AI to an alliance no matter what else was happening
Fixed issue where it would play the "bought" sound when using the "Build Asteroid Mining Base" hotkey, whether you could afford it or not
Fixed issue where changing ownership of a station wasn't properly ejecting the other faction's ships from the station
Fixed missing Artocarpus Viriles icon
Fixed issue where trade values that evaluate to negative would screw up the pie bar display in the trade screen
Fix missing sort descriptions on for some of the Generic Tech Specializations.
Fix for crashing events that spawn ships in a player's territory.
Fixed issue where the loading window was not unhiding whenever starting a multiplayer game as the client.
Added null checks to invasion system to prevent a possible crash
Crash fix for the case where a personal transport is using a ship design it can't find.
Fixed a formatting issue with ship production on the economy screen
Added code to check to see if a custom faction was loaded in intrigue without a valid tech tree (because crusade was disabled) and tries to fix the tech tree value
Happy People mercenary nerfed. Provides 3 morale instead of 5.
Fix assorted mis-matched descriptions on the mercenary ships.
AI more likely to have garrisons on planets.
Shared borders without a treaty has greater negative relations impact.
Central Bank now provides +5 raw wealth
Hot Springs benefit reduced from +2 to +1
Pilgrims mission benefit increased.
Farms no longer have a maintenance cost.
Eliminated resource costs (other than food) from Cities
Market Center provides +1 to approval in adjacent bonuses rather than wealth
Entertainment Networks now provide wealth bonus to adjacent tiles rather than approval
Reduced the mining power of starbase mining operations (this is to balance the reduced costs of resources elsewhere)
Balance pass on starbase defense bonuses
Snuggler Colony gives approval bonus to adjacent tiles. I mean, they're snugglers after all!
Lots of balance changes to make the technology tree progression more responsive to the player.
Brutal soldering benefit changed to a %.
Ideology cost goes up equally in all categories to encourage players to pick an ideology and stick to it.
Thalan now receive Eminence instead of Star Federation tech for free
Xenophobic ability now has a substantial influence penalty
General balance pass through the improvement tree to reduce the amount of resources needed to go with the recent reduction to the mining capabilities.
Several technologies now provide a percentage bonus to growth
Legions only require Durantium to train.
Colony Capital now provides Approval to adjacent improvements
Colony Capital now provides Population bonus to adjacent improvements
Most galactic achievements or special improvements now require an exotic resource.
Interstellar Mining brought forward into the tech tree
Updated Planetary Defense Dome tech to give a resistance bonus instead of Planetary
Defense since the Planetary Defense stat is no longer used in Crusade.
Removed the pointless enhanced training specialization tech group.
Tweaked the preference weight of the garbled text so that other garbled text options have a chance of being used.
Manufacturing Capital now provides a +5 level to adjacent tiles instead of 3.
Reduced growing tech cost slightly.
Mission reward for treasure hunt max reduced from 500 to 300.
Upgraded colony capital morale given +1 more.
Fixed invasion crash due to not having enough swarm particles.
Balance pass on Crusade Improvements.
Invasion crash fix.
Fixed a crash when trying to use a civ created in Crusade in base game
Custom factions can now get the "Overlord"
Fixed to fix memory overruns which lead to crashes
Fixed an issue that caused the game to disable music if you use specified music for an event
Updated the Espionage HUD icon to be more sneaky
Space Elevator level up bonus increased from 0.5 to 1
Xeno Research Lab cost reduced from 100 to 75
Reduced the factory production bonus slightly.
Exploration Treaty moved earlier in the tech tree.
Precursor Worlds
Reduced credits from anomalies by about 20%
Fixed a lot of incorrect text descs on the precursor anomaly (says it gives 500 research when it actually only gives 300, etc).
Revenge of the Snathi
Reduced the Snathi mining modifier from a flat 1 to multiplier 0.2
Patch 2.80 (09 February 2018)
Required starbase spacing reduced from 4 to 3.
Balance pass on defenses based on new combat update that makes defenses a lot more worthwhile.
Updated AI ship blueprints to reflect the changes to the battle system.
Pacing improvements for the Crusade tech tree.
Fixed typo. Near bay Nearby ships.
Industrial Sector maint reduced from 2 to 1
Recruit Celebrity requires an Aurorus Arbortetum instead of Helios Ore because, uh, why would any celebrity be interested in raw ore? How does that even work? Hey, famous movie star, here's some metallic ore for you. Please do a USO tour. Because... you know, you'll get some ore! As the famous saying goes, you will attract more celebrities with flowers than...ore.
Fixed shipyard window to always show the military production generated by the sponsors regardless of if there's a ship in the build queue or not
Fixed issue in influence system where it was displaying "Foreign ship in your ZOC" alerts for ships owned by allied players
Torians can once again increase their population cap (opt-in bug)
Restored missing improvement and tech text that was missing from the opt-in.
Commander ships are no longer stackable in a fleet
Mega Resort -- changed the bonus from +25% bonus to a flat +4.
Financial buildings now provide +1 to influence growth
Major boost to defenses: Defenses are now reduced by the squareroot of damage rather than full damage making defenses much better.
Base Research Lab returned to base game
Cultural Festival now requires Cultural Influence
Peacekeeper event won't trigger until at least turn 200 (instead of 100)
Defenses on Peacekeepers reduced so that they can be worn down faster.
"Go to" renamed to Auto Pilot.
More AI research focus attention
AI improvements to planetary improvement choosing.
Cosmetic change to the FOW color.
Cosmetic change to the size of ships on the main map.
Cosmetic change to the starbox visuals.
When receiving messages from a Civ, it names the Civ in the title bar.
Added tooltips to the various "idle" button states.
Added tooltip support for notifications.
Clarified message for insufficient population to eject a colony ship.
Crash fix in the event that the AI can't negotiate with another AI for a tech trade.
Fixed AI related multiplayer desync bug
AI better at early game administration resource and late game invasion legions
Upgrading to a ship to a colony ship class penalty increased.
You can no longer colonize planets with empty colony ships. This also addresses a problem where the Yor AI could quickly colonize the entire galaxy.
You can no longer launch colony ships from a starbase without population
AI now will adjust how big its fleets need to be based on the assignment of the fleet. Thus, scouts and survey ships don't need escorts while mega fleets now need larger fleets.
AI smarter at picking quality ship designs.
AI much better at going after key technologies based on the conditions of the game
Streamlined the base game tech tree.
Tweaked the AI fleet governor to use defenders.
Adjusted the culture tree to be more in line with the planetary improvements
Set default colony ship population to 1.0
Minimum population for colony ships increased from 0.5 to 1.
Decreased the spacing between civilization starting positions and pirates
Base game laser weapon now comes with Militarization tech.
Nerfed several of the crazy Lost Treasures DLC rewards
Navigation Center is now a Galactic Wonder
Eliminated ship moves going up based on the level of certain planetary improvements
Galactic Navigation Center global moves decreased from 3 to 1 (yeeesh!) ...and it now longer provides an additional 0.5 points per level! (double yeesh!)
Galactic Navigator's Guild benefit reduced from providing 4 moves per turn to 1! ...and it no longer provides an additional 0.5 points per level in moves!
Galactic Mainframe research bonus increased from 0.3 to 0.5
Starport level benefit increased from 0.5 to 1
Synthetic Race population increase Promethion cost reduced from 10 to 1
Synthetic Race population increase Duranitum cost reduced from 5 to 1
Synthetic Race population increase improvement increases by 0.5 instead of 1
Changed default invasion from 1 legions to 2.
Base Game: Custom factions with the "Raider Ship Style" will now get the proper ships awarded by events and anomalies.
Fixed crash in battle tooltip if privateer is stationed by itself in a starbase or shipyard
Fixed several improvements tooltips that were saying they were both "one per player" and "one per galaxy"
Fixed typos and sTough
Added dialog if the game fails to start because the graphics driver fails to initialize. This is usually caused by out-of-date drivers.

Особенности игры

Не играешь в одну и ту же игру дважды: Играйте в абсолютной песочнице, где у каждой игры своя индивидуальная карта, неповторимые миры и новые трудности – и все это в массовом масштабе. Играйте против от 16 до 100 оппонентов.
Множество путей к победе: Военные победы, культурное доминирование, технологическое вознесение или политический альянс – путей к победе не один.
Сюжетный режим игры: Перенеситесь в мир, где действие происходит в 23-ем веке; проживите сами 20-летнию сюжетную арку, стоящую за восстанием человечества.
Массивное древо технологий: Исследуйте технологическое древо по всей ширине и глубине. У каждой фракции в игре свои индивидуальные специализации. Ваш выбор определяет то, как вы играете и побеждаете.
Ваши собственные настройки фракций & кораблей: Создавайте с нуля вашу цивилизацию, у которой выбранный вами внешний вид, корабли, технологии и даже есть возможность выбора, как ИИ их станут использовать.
Мультиплеер: Впервые, Galactic Civilizations стала игрой с возможностью режима мультиплеер и полной поддержкой собственных цивилизаций, сохраненных в мультиплеере игр и многим другим.
Новая Система Битв: Вы решаете, какую роль играют ваши корабли в битве. Теперь у вас есть возможность наблюдать битвы флотов в кинематографическом стиле и видеть вашу проектировку в действии.
Новый Командир Колоний: Местонахождение планетных улучшений теперь имеет значение. Бонусы за близость и планетные ресурсы имеют большое влияние на то, в чем сильна (или слаба) планета.
Правители Планет: Используйте правителей отдельных планет для руководства вашими мирами, решая, какие улучшения строить и когда, что позволяет вам сосредоточиться на больших стратегических целях.

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Установить дополнения, в любом порядке.


При переходе на новую версию со старой необходимость удалять папку настроек из документов , совместимости между версиями постоянно нет и даже наличие сохранённых моделек кораблей может вызывать баги.
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